Heavenly Messages About Medjugorje (Locutions To The World)



July 10, 2011
“A World Receiving Divine Glory”


The whole world can receive the divine glory. This is what I am preparing for, a gift come down from heaven that will touch every heart, a divine illumination, in the interior part of every human being.

But that event must be prepared for. The Church must be aware. The people must be told. But who will tell them? What preacher is adequate for this task? That is why it has become my task to prepare the world through these teachings.

I will be very specific, even though I speak of future events. I will give exact teachings, even though I am speaking of experiences that are familiar to few. Let us begin.

First, there will be a period of signs and wonders. This should alert people to the coming manifestation. Unfortunately, the world will remain in darkness. However, because of worldwide communications, individuals will have access, both to my words and to the news about these manifestations (which have already begun, especially at Medjugorje). At least, part of the world will be prepared. Even some secular media will note these events, not from a religious purpose but merely because they are newsworthy. This, too, will further my purposes.

Now, I will describe some of the forthcoming phenomena. I will appear to many of my little ones. People will hear these reports and wonder how this could be true. Each of these will be a little spring of devotion, some larger and more known than others. This, too, has already begun to happen.

I will also begin to touch the hearts of secular people. These will be good people but not known for their religious faith. Their stories will be told. People will learn of their religious conversion and of the sincere, Christian lifestyle which they have adopted. This, too, will be a special witness of the events to come.

Finally, the graces will be even more widespread. There will be religious stirrings in the hearts of many who have set aside their faith. They will be led back to devotions.

I say all this for two reasons. First, the Church must be prepared to respond. Second, as each of these graces is given, all must be ready to believe.

November 29, 2011
“A Few Coins Trying to Repay Massive Debt”


If anyone desires the way to truth, I will lead them through these words that come from my heart. Everything comes from the heart, good or bad. From an evil heart comes the fruits of evil. From a heart of love comes gifts of love of every kind. The time ahead is filled with evil, sown for so long in the hearts of men. Reason will not put out those destructive fires.

Treaties are like paper for the fire. I say this over and again. God has established one antidote; “Fight fire with fire” is the saying.

The fires of destruction are burning powerfully. They have been stoked for centuries. They have claimed many hearts and are now claiming many nations. They are becoming evident and man has no power to contain them or to extinguish them.

Yet, another fire exists. It, too, has burned for centuries and is now becoming manifest, open for all to see. I constantly speak of this fire in my Immaculate Heart. I have revealed it at Fatima. I have spoken about it at Medjugorje. I have spoken to many others of the flame of my Immaculate Heart. Many know and practice this devotion. These I will keep safe but the others, the rest of the world, I must also save. So, let me begin my teaching.

O mankind, you have no defense against the demonic flame which is now sweeping world history.

You do not even know the true source of all your problems. You are like a man with a few coins in your pocket trying to pay a bill that amounts to trillions. How futile are your efforts.

You switch money from one bank to another, from one country to another. You sell bonds that are worthless, and constantly downgraded. People riot when austerity measures are imposed. One nation is entangled with another. Solutions are short-term, just buying some time but never solving the problem.

Do you not see? The problem is not with your accounting but with your hearts. The destructive fires are planted in the hearts of the people and of the leaders. Nothing is accomplished because of Satan’s fires in your hearts. I have another fire and it is in my Immaculate Heart.

I would gladly place this fire in the hearts of everyone. In this way, I will destroy his fire. How long will you wait? How long will you allow the destructive fires to hold sway? I have spoken clearly. Your hearts need my fire and I will gladly give it.

September 5, 2011
“The Greatness of Medjugorje”


I will open up doors that have been closed from all eternity, special doors of saving graces that have never been seen before. At first, many will not believe. They will question, “Can these graces really be from heaven?” This has already begun at Medjugorje but many still question. How can I appear every day for years and still the world does not believe or listen to my messages? Even when people know ahead of time the very hours of my coming. Even when the visions are filmed for all to see. Even when the seers lead perfect lives of sacrifice and service, still the world does not believe.

Possibly the village is too remote. Oh, it is a village close to my heart, a perfect village dedicated to me and fervent in spirit. That is why I chose it. Even in its remoteness, millions have made their way there and have climbed the mountain of the cross and the mountain of apparitions. Miracles have flowed, especially the graces of conversion. Yes, the village is remote but the effort needed to get there and the determination to go prepare the soul. The remoteness of the village and its distance from large cities makes it the perfect setting for the soul to enjoy the quiet needed to hear my voice. And how many have heard my saving voice in that village among the mountains, mountains which encircle the village in my love and kept it far from what would destroy its innocence.

The Future Mighty Ocean

Now, let me continue. Medjugorje is my light, a light set on the mountain for all to see. From there will come forth a saving stream. Yes, let all eyes and ears be upon that little village because from it will come those words that are important for all the world to hear. Let the village become even more known and loved. The streams of grace which I have planted there are deep and only the beginning waters of grace have, as yet, gone forth. Do not say “We have tasted of the waters of Medjugorje and they have not provided all that we need.” Go back to those waters, read my messages. Pray and repent. Above all, prepare. Soon, so very soon, Medjugorje will no longer be just a stream. It will be a mighty ocean covering the world with a knowledge of God and of events which come from His hands. Do not wait. If you prepare your hearts, you will receive much. If you do not prepare, you will have broken cisterns that hold no water.

December 5, 2011
“The Medjugorje Visionaries”


Arise and come, so I can reveal my words and the nations will be enlightened. Yes, I can enlighten even the nations that live in darkness. My Son is a light to all the nations. If only they would walk in his light. That is why I speak. My words do not extend my light but his light. I do not speak by my own powers. The Father has sent me to extend the light of his Son to all the nations.

O nations of the world, you walk in the darkness of your own thoughts. You sign treaties, make agreements, align yourselves according to your own wisdom and your own light. You have cast aside my Son’s light. “We have come to the enlightenment, to the age of reason”, you say. “We have cast off the Dark Ages and have liberated ourselves. We use the light of natural reason to guide our course”.

I say to you, “Is there no selfishness? Cannot the light of reason be used for evil? Does reason correct itself? When does reason say “I am wrong”? Only when it is too late. Only when all is destroyed. Then it must conclude, “I have taken the wrong path” (if it is even willing to be honest).

Do you not see? The wrong path is now nuclear. The stakes are too high. The mistakes are too costly. There is no room for error. How can you entrust the human race into the hands of reason when reason has led you to two world wars and constant conflicts? Why entrust yourself to reason when you can give yourselves over to your heavenly Mother?

These are my clear words. You are on the brink of nuclear war. You are helpless. Your rational approaches cannot defeat the evil that is being unleashed. Your treaties are useless. Your diplomatic approaches have failed, one after another.

I wait for you. I can lead you away from the coming catastrophes. These catastrophes I have revealed to the children of Medjugorje. They already know them. They are my ten secrets. Yet, I gave them a message of hope, but their words are muted. Many have not heard. The Church must proclaim them with full voice. How long must the visionaries persevere until the Church sees their words as so vital? Why not bring the story to the center? Why not bring the visionaries into the limelight? No longer keep them in the shadows. The validity of these apparitions is attested to on every side.

December 12, 2011
“Fatima and Medjugorje – Preparing for a Greater Light”


Today, I pour out the deepest words of my Immaculate Heart. They are words dripped in blood. When I brought Jesus forth in Bethlehem, there was no blood. It was a virgin birth. But quickly, there began the blood of suffering when Simeon prophesied about the child and Herod even threatened the child’s life. So the words I speak are words dripped in my own blood, like a mother bringing a child to birth.

Before going on, I must explain the divine plan, what is in the Father’s heart. He has only love for mankind and when it sinned, he sent his Son. As it continues to hurtle to destruction, he has sent me as a messenger, a voice, the modern John the Baptist. I am not the Word of God, I am only his voice telling you to receive God’s Word, Jesus, my Son. Now, let us begin.

From the beginning, God planned great glory for man, like a rich man for his newborn child. But also, from the beginning, those plans were destroyed by sin. Man became unworthy of God’s glory. Sin continued and grew powerful and the likelihood that the Father’s plan would ever be accomplished seemingly vanished. Then, in the fullness of time, God sent an angel to reveal to me his plan of sending His Son. I saw my role, as difficult as it would be, filled with the shedding of blood, and I accepted that role. The light of God came and burned brightly. Jesus was raised up and placed on the lampstand. Bur now, the power of sin repeats the original distancing. Every day sin multiplies beyond its former limits. It intrudes even into the sanctuary of the Church and touches the highest office of worldly powers.

So, the Father decided to intervene again. At an important moment, as the New World was just beginning to open up to the European explorers, I appeared to St. Juan Diego at Guadalupe. There began the greatest moment of conversions to Jesus in all of history, a power that continues until this day.

Can this not happen again? Cannot the Father again send me as his heavenly messenger. It has already happened. The sun itself was shaken at Fatima. The visions continue each day at Medjugorje. Both of these will come into a full brilliance. Their light has not been spent. These two sites are preparing hearts but the full brilliance of my Son is still to come – soon, so very soon. Prepare the way of the Lord.

February 1, 2012
“Revealing the Future of the World (at Medjugorje)”


What lies ahead is hidden from man’s view, but revealed by God to those whom he loves, so that these events will be a sign to all the world of the power of God, and of the care of God. These events I have revealed to the visionaries of Medjugorje and I will continue to reveal them until the revelations come to their fullness. Then all will be ready for the “unveiling of the secrets”.

The Little Village

O reader, do you know what I have been doing in that little village? How I chose the six children? Let me tell you the story so you will investigate the events and have your faith strengthened for the days ahead.

On the Feast of John the Baptist, 1981, I appeared to these children and have continued those appearances on a daily basis. I formed them in holiness and revealed to them secrets that deal with future events. The years have passed by and I continually call for mankind to repent, to love, to pray and to make sacrifices so that the chastisements would be avoided or made less severe.

The Plea For Mercy

I come to this little village because the Father has sent me. He gives the world one final chance. He does not wish to act according to Divine Justice. He seeks, therefore, those who would plead for his mercy. If their voices are strong and if their hearts are many, then their pleas and their sacrifices allow God to set aside divine justice, just as the pleas of Moses allowed God to turn away from his chastisements to the Israelites. This is the great enterprise of Medjugorje.

I will continue to appear until all of them have the ten secrets. Then, the stage will be set for the gradual revealing of the secrets followed by their fulfillment. Learn about this little village. Learn about my apparitions. So many graces are contained in these revelations.

February 8, 2012
“The Secrets of Medjugorje”


I speak to the nations, but they do not listen. I speak to the Church. Even the Church does not listen. So, I speak to my chosen ones. My voice is clear and I do not mince my words or hide truths with high-sounding language. The issues are too important.

When the Clash Comes

When everything comes to a head, when the powers of good and evil clash, the following will take place and the power of evil will become so evident. All will see that the world is being permanently changed. The power of good will seem to be absent. “Where is God?” they will cry out?” This is the beginning stage. It seems that only evil has power and that it will conquer all. This is like the early days of World War II when Hitler’s armies moved so quickly. Seemingly, no force was present to oppose him.

The good people must not despair. The heavenly Father has not abandoned them. They must remember that he saw these events before they happened and that I even arranged through the children of Medjugorje that the great events will be announced to the world three days before they happen. I did this to give hope. People will say, “Our mother knew about these events. She will be with us”.

Learn About Medjugorje

That is what you should learn from Medjugorje. I know the future events. I have revealed them already to the visionaries and they will reveal them to the world. I have done all of this to give hope in the middle of the darkness. Learn about my special actions to these visionaries. Read the stories. They will bring you to faith.

February 23, 2012
“Go to Medjugorje”


The path is not easy and many overestimate their strength.  Others do not prepare, believing that they are ready to face the future.  The truly wise realize that they do not know what they will face or how they will survive.  I am talking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned.  Let me speak of them again in the clearest of ways.

The world moves along in its usual sense of security.  It realizes that many problems exist, yet the world believes that nothing will really change.  There have been crises before and people have gotten through them.

A Totally Different Existence

The world will even admit that the future will be difficult.  Yet, it envisions the future as being like the present.  No one envisions a totally different existence with tremendous disturbances of modern life.  Yet, that is what I mean by “the events”, moments which will severely alter human existence, especially in those parts of the world where they take place.  These events are very soon.  They are at the door.  Even though they are still hidden and not able to be recognized, the time is short.  Some of these events can still be avoided, although this window of opportunity grows smaller and smaller as the true remedies are delayed and the evil is not checked.


What is to be done?  I answer clearly, “Go to Medjugorje”.  I am not speaking physically (although that benefits everyone).   I am speaking spiritually.  To that village, I have been explaining “these events” for over three decades.  The people have faithfully recorded my teachings and have distributed them.  They are truly a great treasure.  Even though it is late and a person might never have heard about this little village, anyone can make up for lost time.  Medjugorje carries the treasure and gladly shares it with the world.  Read about this village.  Read about my apparitions.  Read my messages.  I will form your spirit and you will know what to do.

February 28, 2012
“Curiosity About Future Events”


All the world is filled with questions of what will take place.  There is a fascination with the future, to know what will come.  But, what good is it to know the future when mankind is not willing to repent?  Yes, the future is dark and I could reveal the future events.  I have already revealed these secrets to the visionaries of Medjugorje.  I have also given messages to the world for over thirty years.  O reader, do you know those messages?  Do you know the story of Medjugorje?

To highlight my teachings, I will contrast the two parts of Medjugorje.  I have revealed ten secrets of future events to these visionaries, the children whom I have chosen.  I have also said that many of these future events could be eliminated if people just prayed and repented.

Curiosity for the Secrets

My teaching is this.  Everyone wants to know the secrets because they are curious.  They want to know the future.  Is it not much more important to be able to influence future events?  My messages ask for periods of prayer every day, for frequent Communion, for monthly confession, for saying the Rosary each day, for fasting on bread and water on Wednesday and Friday. Assuming these devout practices will change future events.

You can see the foolishness of the world.  Everyone wants the future events to be revealed.  Yet, when I reveal how these events can be changed, few are interested.

June 24, 2012
“The Secrets of Medjugorje”


I turn to you, little ones, who believe in my word. I do not speak now to the world, nor do I even speak to my Church. I speak, rather, to those in the Church who have a special devotion to me, to those who are aware of the Marian Age and who have prayed and sacrificed for this Age of Mary.

Thirty-one years ago, I began my special visions to the children at Medjugorje and I have appeared there ever since. I have always been faithful to my promise that I would appear every day until each visionary has received my ten secrets. Then, the secrets will begin to happen, announced ahead of time according to my plan. These visitations and these secrets show that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I know what will happen and I can prepare my children for what will happen.

In the great fervor of this little village of Medjugorje much has already happened. Millions have gone there and had their faith renewed. Many have changed their lives. All have come away with new hope.

A New Stage

Today, I want to speak about a new stage, a quicker and more extensive way of spreading the graces of Medjugorje. Even with the widespread popularity, the little village is still unknown to many. Also, the extraordinary graces are held too tightly. They are not fully released in my Church. I will cut the strings and unloose the bonds. I have never wanted these strings and these bonds that have limited the flow of graces.

I must do this, especially because the time of fulfillment is so much closer. In the beginning, the secrets were decades away. Now, that is no longer true. Their fulfillment is at hand and they cannot just happen. There must be a spiritual fervor so all the blessings of Medjugorje can be received. I say this so often. When heaven pours out its blessings, the Church must be ready to receive. Receiving requires preparing. Preparing requires fervor. Fervor requires a firm determination to set aside everything else. Study Medjugorje. Read my messages and prepare your hearts. The time of fulfillment is not far away.

January 13, 2013
“A New Road of Truth”


In the world, there is great confusion. Few even know the right path. An ignorance has set in.

Truth has been lost and is no longer passed down. Children receive no training in the sound teachings of faith. They are exposed to all that is not true. This is a moment of crisis in America. The country itself has chosen the darkness and into darkness it will go. My goal is to save those who want the light. This is way I speak. Please listen to my words, “You no longer can find wisdom in the marketplace because the marketplace has been stripped of faith.

You can no longer find wisdom in these institutions that would uphold America. They, too, have lost their way. Therefore, I must establish a new road to truth. As you walk this road, others will follow and all will be blessed. This road must be revealed to you in the depth of your heart. Only there, can you find it.


The time is very short. The darkness will come suddenly and without much warning. Even if I gave warnings or provided great signs, people would reject them. People would say, “If this is so important, why does Mary not appear?” I am appearing. I am speaking to the visionaries of Medjugorje. Have your read my messages? I have promised a permanent sign. Is it faith to wait until the permanent sign is in place? Even with the sign, many will have no interest. Such is the world. It seeks signs and does not even believe when the sign is given.

I am giving these words. This is the sign for you. Believe and take them into your heart. You will see all that they will do for you.

May 1, 2013
“The Apparition Sites”


I speak now from my motherly heart.  The words will flow quite freely and with great strength because the message is urgent and my heart is broken.  My complaint is this.  I have appeared and spoken to many of my chosen ones – at LaSalette, Fatima, Medjugorje, Akita, (Japan) Rwanda, (Africa) Betania, (Venezuela) and many other places. Many of these have received official approval of the Church.  Yet, who listens to my words?  Who acts upon my words?  Who even knows my words?

So, I must raise up a new voice – these little locutions that come each day.  These locutions are not a great voice, a thundering voice, nor do they even enjoy the gift of an apparition or a vision.  They are words which I speak in the heart of a special soul.  Yet, I will use this little voice to speak of the important apparition sites.  This will be like a “voice crying in the desert”.  It will alert many people and they will say, “We have never even heard of some of these places”.  They will go and research these treasures of my words and much light will come upon the world.

May 2, 2013
“On the Horizon”


A mother has many sorrows in her heart, but today I speak of a burning pain that will not go away and which grows greater with each day. I have appeared to many and continue to appear every day.  I have given teachings and messages that have been faithfully recorded by the visionaries.  Some have even been officially accepted by the Church.

Yet, these apparition sites and, especially, the words that have been given are unknown to most Catholics.  They are ignorant of my messages and they walk in darkness.

Why have I appeared and why have I given these directions?  Because I see what is ahead, what looms on the horizon.  My messages are warnings and also teachings of what people should do.

Beginning with Catherine Laboure and then at Lourdes, LaSalette, Fatima, Akita, Medjugorje, Rwanda, Betania and elsewhere, I have pleaded and many times I have wept (the visionaries recorded only a few of these times because they were many).

Whom must I blame for this?  Why do so many Catholics remain in ignorance?  How many even know about my request for the first Saturday devotion?  Who is at fault?  I will speak about this later.

August 29, 2013
“Gifts of Service”


The Holy Spirit wants to pour out these gifts of service but so many do not even know what they are or how they are received. St. Paul writes, “I do not want you to be in ignorance of the spiritual gifts” (1Cor.12:1). This ignorance is widespread and believers do not come together. How can a person use a gift of service when there is nobody to serve? These gifts flourish when believers know about them and gather in the Spirit.

At Medjugorje, I spoke often of these little groups of prayer, but who has heard my plea? So, I make it again. The renewal of the Church depends totally upon the Holy Spirit. He wants to be known and to show forth his power. He will pour out these powerful gifts if believers come together.

Satan wants to isolate the believer and to immerse him in the world. The Spirit calls the believer out of the world so he can join with others. Today, so many do not even go to mass.

How can the Spirit give them power to serve? Those that go to mass, are in ignorance of the spiritual gifts and do not gather with other believers in prayer.

Is it any wonder why the Church is weak? I am trying to explain the secrets of the Spirit’s workings. Just begin. Study the books. Come together. I will be in your midst to lead you. Do it today. Remember, the time is very, very short.

November 2, 2013
“Signs In Your Midst”


God refuses to be ignored. He has not formed creation to be banished from it nor has he created man to be rejected and set aside. The more God is set aside, the greater becomes his plans to re-enter society in ways that are evident to all.

This divine emergence happened at Fatima, as the sun danced. It is happening again at Medjugorje. However, God does not need visionaries to give signs. God’s signs come in many ways. In the days ahead, I will explain many signs that are even now in your midst.

November 23, 2013
“Avoiding the Great Destruction”


All the destructive forces of hell are ready to break forth.  They wait and continually gather strength.  If the fire breaks forth, it will be too late.  There will be widespread destruction that will never be reversed and the forces of evil will claim parts of the world for centuries.

Now is the turning point.  I have appeared at Fatima and now appear at Medjugorje.  I have spoken in many places but only a few have truly listened.  My word is like a light, hidden under a bushel basket.   I must take this light and place it on the lampstand.  Only when the light of my words floods the Church, only when the Holy Father consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart, only when the whole Church knows the full secret of Fatima, will God’s power be released to avoid the great destruction.

January 6, 2014
“Mary’s Advice”


I have tried to speak of the events that are ahead. Many do not listen. This is a warning to all. They have no interest. Others listen but do not act. They are not doers of the word. When the events pour forth, it will be too late. I speak now so my children will be prepared. This is what you must do.

First, stay close to the Church because only the Church can offer to you all the helps that you need.

Second, stay close to confession. Do not abandon that sacrament which has the power to cleanse and purge you.

Third, say the rosary. When you do, I will be with you. It is my special prayer.

Fourth, gather with others in small groups of prayer. You will encourage one another and offer each other protection. Does not the world tear down your faith? These groups will be a wall that isolates you from that influence.

Fifth, read my words, not only these locutions but all the words I have spoken at Fatima and Medjugorje. Study them slowly. Digest them and put them into practice.

Finally, always trust me. I never leave your side. I am always with you, not far away but close. My joy is to guide you as a mother leads her smallest child.

April 28, 2014
“The Fires of Darkness”


Everything will happen so quickly.   There are not just fires burning in so many places but winds that will spread Satan’s fires.  Walls of protection will prove to be useless.  The fires will leap over these walls.  There will be fires in front and fires to the back.  With so many fires in so many places, how will they be extinguished?

I am not describing what is far distant.  Look around.  All can see the fires everywhere. (Even in Latin America which I love so dearly.)  What is not consumed?  There are some places where I am venerated in a special way.  They will be a sign to you.  I protected Portugal in World War II and Medjugorje in the Bosnian War.  Let them be clear signs to you.

Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can protect the world from the fires that will spread so quickly.  Seemingly, they will be out of control.  Really, they will be very controlled by Satan and by those whose intellects he darkens with his evil.  The fires of darkness.  These are the future forces being released.  Can no one see or grasp?  Human responses are like foolishness, child’s play.  The human race needs the Woman and I am ready to help all who invoke me.

October 1, 2014
“The Church Confronts Hell’s Powers”


The events move quickly. The threats grow greater.   The urgency of the kingdom of heaven grows greater because the time frame leaps forward.  Hell’s strength multiplies and heaven is kept at bay.  What must be done so the heavenly fire is released?

I must speak to the Church.  O Church, you have no armies, no weapons and no generals.   Yet, with you and you alone, lie the fires of world peace.  Yet, you do not understand and you do not believe.  So I must stir you by my words.

O Church, you are the bride of my Son.  You are the light of the world.  You have a great destiny to fulfill in these years.  The world has set you aside, as if you were an orphan. The world does not listen to your teachings and does not follow your ways.  Therefore, it plunges into the kingdom of hell.  Only you can save earth from becoming a hell.  I place in you the saving of the world from the terrible events that have come so close to fulfillment.

I have revealed these events to many, especially the visionaries of Medjugorje.  I have spoken of my plan almost 100 years ago at Fatima.  What I am saying is not new or surprising.  I am now using these locutions as my pulpit to the world.

The world is plunging into hell’s darkness and only the Church can enter the center of that darkness and destroy it.  The world is experiencing the fires of hell and only the Church can enter these fires and destroy them.  Jesus’ death on the cross was the great moment when he entered the center of hell’s powers.  There will also be a modern moment, when the Church, in the person of the Holy Father, deliberately accepts its role of entering into the center of hell’s destruction.  That moment must be prepared for by devotion to my Immaculate Heart.

This is not a new message but greater details are revealed.

October 17, 2014
“Enlightened By Darkness”


When the time comes for all of these events to unfold (and they will unfold one by one over a period of a year and a half) I will have prepared everything.  Currently, the world sees only the evil forces, mounting their armies.  They do not see what I am doing, because it is behind the scenes.  I am preparing hearts.  Some already know that they are an important part of my plan, like the visionaries at Medjugorje.  Others know that I will use them, but they are unknown to the world.

This is my message, “Do not be afraid”.  The extraordinary events of evil will be more than matched by the extraordinary outpouring of my love.  This love is already pouring out, even though I have not been invoked.  It is flowing, even though there have been no outward signs (and these, too, will be part of my plan).

Now, I can only speak and describe. I give words and promises.  But a time will come when I will pour forth power and glory, gifts both interior and exterior, all that is needed.  I speak now so your eyes are opened and you can see.  This is my promise.  As you see each moment that evil spreads, when you learn about the extending power of darkness, at that very same moment, I am pouring out the greatest helps into your heart.

Do not be blinded by the darkness (that is what usually happens) but let the darkness enlighten you.  Whenever you learn of new darkness, let it preach to you, “Mary is giving me new graces and I must be more faithful”.

Go to Church.  Go to confession.  Be cleansed of your sins.  Let your fears be removed.  In this way, the world’s darkness will have no power over you.  I can save the whole world but only if it listens.

April 5, 2015
“Our Lady’s Many Revelations”
(Easter Sunday)


Of all women on earth, I alone brought forth the Savior of the world.  In that great mystery, I was plunged with him into the center of human history. I stood at the cross and accepted His body when taken down.  I watched the stone close the tomb and then departed in sorrow.

Then came His day of rising from the dead and the many appearances to the disciples, which brought such joy.  This great mystery of salvation was revealed and then preached to all the world.  The darkness was cast out and finally, the light was put upon the great lampstand of the Church.

From the beginning, I was with Jesus in all His ways.  By my Assumption, I am uniquely one with Him in His resurrection.

My heart is plunged into all of human history, rejoicing in the victories and sorrowing in the losses.  How I have waited to reveal my heart.  I am quiet no more.  All is pouring forth in these daily words.  Do not be astonished that I speak so fully and openly.  I have stored up these thoughts and feelings for centuries, waiting for this hour to reveal them all.

I have used many means, many places and many messengers.  I have appeared to some and spoken to others.  Do not be surprised by the multiplicity, for there are so many hearts to touch and so many places which must hear.

Now, I use these little locutions, not to dominate but to highlight all my other messages and to explain their multiplicity.  At the center, are the Fatima apparitions, all the others led up to those special visions.  Medjugorje is in the same stream and keeping alive that gift by the daily appearances.  Kibeho is special to me, because I so love the African people.  Akita has its own unique gift.

All are part of a pattern.  All fit together.  They are my words, spoken at different times and in different places but all coming from the same, motherly heart.  Listen to them.  Study them.  Each has its own blessing.

June 19, 2015
“Children of the Locutions”


There is no more time to delay.  I began to speak a few years ago to awaken and to prepare.  Many have discovered this little voice and believe the words truly come from me, through them many others have, also, come to listen.  In the future, the whole world will come to know that I give great light by my words.  All prepare for my special actions within human history which I will reveal ahead of time through the visionaries of Medjugorje and even through these little words.

See how my actions all fit together.  The beginning apparitions that culminated in Fatima and then all the other apparitions like Medjugorje that spread the Fatima light.  They are all connected (joined).  The world needs many lights, in every area.  With the internet a new way of light has begun and that is why I use it every day.  The words go forth, they are gentle and inviting.  Each person decides when and where to read them.  Their hearts are joined, even though they do not know one another.  Do you not see?  I can call my army forth in one moment.  I can whistle and they will come from North and South.  I can whisper and they will come from East and West.  What will I call them?  Let me give them a name.  “Children of the Locutions”-that is a good name and I will use that from now on so they realize that I am doing far more than just speaking to their hearts.  I am joining them, preparing them.

First, I must express my love for them.  How often they have expressed their love for me!  I watched them as they would take the locutions into their hearts.  I saw them speak to others-they were apostles of the locutions.  Some I saw translate the locutions into other languages.  Others found new means of spreading them, like publishing the books.  More will find new ways because all will understand.  The locutions are more than just locutions, they are expressions of my love, going forth and saving the whole world.

Oh, I have not yet revealed the full plan.  Much more remains to be shown but, today, all who read this locution knew what I have done.  I have made you all “Children of the Locutions”.

July 19, 2015
“Promises That Still Have Power”


I open wide the doors of my heart and all can enter. I reveal all my secrets and everyone can learn. I reach out to the whole world, to peoples of every land and every belief. I care for them all. I will stretch out my hand from East to West. All must come into my embrace.

I walk the streets, seeking my lost children. I look for new means to spread my word. Nothing escapes my search. Have not these little words reached your ears even though they come from afar? What are these words that are so easy to understand? What power do they contain? Why are you filled with peace as you read the messages?

These locutions are merely a beginning. They are like John the Baptist who knew that another greater than he would come. These locutions prepare. They alert. They say, “Look and await because the Woman is coming in the role given her by the Father and prophesied at all the great apparition sites.”

My children are so sluggish. They say, “Mary has spoken at Fatima but the words are so long ago. She has promised peace but there is only travail.” Children quickly forget. Their minds go from one topic to another. I must give a fresh word that stirs the great gift of Fatima and tells everyone to believe.

My words are not like your words, easily spoken and quickly forgotten. I only speak my words in obedience to the Father. My words are thought out for centuries before they come forth.

They are promises, cemented in my heart and always containing God’s favor.

This is my promise. There will be a new light of Fatima, just as on that day (October 13, 1917) when the clouds parted and the light shone. There will be a greater Fatima light, prepared for by my daily visits to Medjugorje and supported by all the other apparition sites.

The promise remains. Pray for its fulfillment.

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