Our Lady – Mary – Explains The Story Of Fatima (Locutions To The World)


September 7, 2013
“The Three Faithful Children”


The fires of war burn fiercely, just as I have prophesied through the children of Fatima. When these children saw me, I always appeared sad. This left a great impression on their souls.

When I showed them a vision of hell, I absorbed them into this sadness of my heart. For the rest of their lives they prayed and sacrificed to save souls. This is the real message of Fatima – to sacrifice, and to say the rosary for the salvation of souls.

I also spoke about world events – the ending of World War I and the inevitable beginning of World War II, if people did not heed my messages. Everything has unfolded exactly as my words declared. Now, another greater phase of destruction has begun. I must speak of the Fatima gift and the children who were so faithful. I will set these children before you as my witnesses.

September 8, 2013
“Preparing for Centuries”


For centuries, Satan has prepared for this era.  His plans come to a fulfillment and a culmination as the forces of evil intertwine and strengthen one another.

Just so, I prepared for centuries for Fatima.  My Church faithfully proclaimed me.  Blessed Pius IX proclaimed my Immaculate Conception.  I appeared to Catherine LaBoure and Bernadette of Lourdes.  As I continued to appear, great expectations arose.  Yet, I waited in sorrow.

The Great War began and many died.  I prepared the children by the visits of the Angel of Portugal and by Holy Communion.

Then came that day, May 13, 1917, when all was to begin.  The great veil of heaven would be parted and the secrets of my Immaculate Heart would be revealed.

For this, I chose the three children.  They were both prepared and faithful.  The angel’s visits and teaching had changed them.  Their hearts had already heard heaven’s voice.  Now they were to see and hear the Queen of Heaven.

September 9, 2013
“Lucy’s Shining Star”


All was ready because the three children were prepared by their devout families, by their personal devotion, by the simplicity of their culture, by the visits of the angel and their personal response. Oh, how they responded, encouraging one another to daily sacrifices and prayer. If one faltered, the others lifted them up. Such was my plan to have three children.

Lucy would be my messenger but Francisco and Jacinta were her helpers until she no longer needed them.

Lucy became like a lone star, burning brightly in the night. Her star still shines in all of her recorded words and writings. Her witness lives and calls people to repentance. She speaks to the Church, to popes, bishops, priests, religious and laity. Her words will grow like a din that cannot be ignored in these years of wars and turmoil.

September 10, 2013
“The First Vision”


Fatima was about to explode upon the world, Mary 13, 1917.  The decades of preparations were complete – the revelation of the miraculous medal, the infallible proclamation of my Immaculate Conception, the devotion at Lourdes and at the other apparition sites.  The children were prepared by the angelic visits and by their total surrender to his teachings.

All was ready.  The moment arrived for me to awaken them.  They saw me and knew that I came from heaven.  They asked about heaven and I assured them that they would be with me. Francisco had to say many rosaries.

How I loved them.  The divine action had begun.  I began to place in their hearts the Fatima gift, planned by the Father from the beginning of the world.  They fully received this gift, as only children can receive.  They embraced it and took it into their hearts.  I was at peace.  The Father had chosen correctly, the gift would be safe in their little hearts.  O children of Fatima, little do you realize what I will do within you.  You will bless the whole world.  Your mother promises.

September 11, 2013
“The Vision of Hell”


As the children returned to their homes, they faced great suffering.  They were not exalted but questioned and even persecuted.  They had only each other.  That is how I arranged it.

They bonded together into an unbreakable oneness.  Their suffering and their constant prayer prepared them for the vision of hell, a central part of the message of Fatima.

They saw the demons and the condemned souls immersed in great flames.  They did not imagine this.  The rays came forth from my hands and they saw these lower regions.  Lucy describes her experience very vividly, without holding back anything.  Read her words.  They are a true revelation.

After this vision, they understood their mission.  The vision had welded their hearts together in an uncompromising yearning to save souls from hell.  They had an indomitable spirit.  I taught them to pray. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy.”  O reader, say that prayer often.  It comes from my own lips.

September 12, 2013
“The Responses to Fatima”


There must be a human response to the Fatima gift. The children responded fully, opening their hearts by prayer and sacrifice to all the graces. However, those who lived in Fatima often took a human approach. Some accepted and others doubted. Some even harassed the children who suffered greatly. Finally, there was the government, the mayor who opposed the visions and put the children in jail so there would be no vision on August 13, 1917. (Ed note: Our Lady appeared to the children on August 19th, after they were released from jail.) The Fatima gift would have been greater if the government had not adversely intervened.

These three approaches exist even today. The Fatima gift comes from heaven. By faith, its blessings are great. If approached by human ideas, it is limited and fruitless. If openly rejected, then the hearts remain cold, untouched by its fires. There is still time. Fatima can bless the whole world. Imitate the children. Read their stories. By their actions they are the great preachers of Fatima.

September 13, 2013
“The Suffering of the Three Children”


The moment came to place the great secret in their hearts. I experienced a joy, like the Father’s joy as he was about to send his only begotten Son into my womb. I foresaw all that would happen. The three children would be so united to me in my sufferings.

For Francisco and Jacinta those sufferings would be physical and would lead to their early death. For Lucy, the sufferings would be all of her long life. She was a vessel into which the greatest of lights was placed. She accepted the light of the great secrets and never rejected them. What suffering they caused her! So many times she was confused about what to do, pulled between her obedience to me and obedience to the Church.

She pleaded and spoke and wrote. At times, she was called to silence. The secrets burned in her heart every day of her life. She accepted this fire of suffering because she loved me, loved the Church and loved all mankind. For Lucy, the salvation of souls was uppermost in her thoughts.

September 14, 2013
“The Dance of the Sun”


All that was needed was a sign. The message was placed firmly in the children’s hearts and they would be the most faithful of messengers. However, I had to help them so the whole world would believe.

The huge crowd gathered on that October day, 1917, in great expectation. The downpour of rain had soaked the fields and the people. This, too, would be part of my sign.

The vision began as usual, with the three children seeing me clearly. Then came my promised sign, the dance of the sun (as it is called) and the phenomenon of the sun seemingly coming close to earth (which caused many to believe it was the end of the world).. Finally, all the ground and all the clothes were completely dry.

With this sign, the Fatima gift was sealed forever. The message was in the children’s hearts and the world had the sign that it needed to believe. Something special had been given to the world. Fatima contains all the blessings so desperately needed by the world which is engulfed in endless wars and permeated by unimaginable sins.

September 14, 2013
“The Ship of Fatima”


With the dance of the sun and the final vision to the three children, the gift of Fatima was ready to set sail, to go to every nook and corner of the world, to bless all who would receive its cargo and yet never to become bereft, multiplying as the blessings were received.

What has happened to that little ship that was meant to sail the mighty oceans and the gigantic rivers, which was meant to land at every port and to bless every nation? My great ship of Fatima, with all its many blessings, has found only a little narrow stream to welcome it. Only a few hold Fatima in their hearts, hear its message, live in its light and experience my blessings.

Even though this stream is small, I use these locutions to bring Fatima to you, O reader. Learn the story of the three children. Hunger for all the little details of their lives and their message. In this way, the ship of Fatima will dock at your port and all of its blessings will be poured into your heart.

September 16, 2013
“The Hail Mary”


The stream of Fatima flows everywhere but it is so tiny that very few receive its blessings.

Therefore, I use these locutions to bring the message to many more. I use the prophesies about world events to attract people. These prophesies claim people’s attention. I speak of these events, describe them and even foretell their path. I will continue to speak in this way because my words attract attention.

However, my goal is not to fill your mind with light about world events, but to fill your heart with the Fatima gift. How can this happen? Quite easily. Say the Hail Mary. If you do not know this prayer, learn it. Say it all during your day, especially when you need my help or are about to make a decision. When you pray the Hail Mary, know that I am with you.

Editor’s note: This website is attracting so many new viewers, I thought it helpful to print out the Hail Mary. “Hail Mary, full grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

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