The Lady Of All Nations – Mother Of All Nations

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The Lady of All Nations
Mother of All Nations

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(Approved Messages in English: 1945-1959:

On March 25, 1945, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a lay woman, Ida Peerdeman, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This was the first of 56 apparitions, which took place between 1945 and 1959.

In the apparitions, the Blessed Virgin Mary provided a special image of Herself for veneration and requested that a prayer be said daily among all peoples. God desired that She be known under a new title, “The Lady of All Nations” (“Mother of All Nations”), in anticipation of the New Era of Peace that God would grant to the world, as revealed by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.

All the apparitions are to support the (undeclared as of yet) Final Marian Dogma of the Catholic Church of Our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of All Grace, and Advocate.

Here is the special image and the special prayer in English.
(For the prayer in other languages, visit:


The Blessed Mother said, “Child, this [prayer] is so simple and short that everyone can say it in one’s own language, before one’s own crucifix; and those who have no crucifix say it to themselves.” (Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11, 1951).

*                              *                              *

Here is a brief explanation of the image:

Source: Fr. Paul Maria Sigl
Die Frau aller Völker ‘Miterlöserin Mittlerin Fürsprecherin’
Amsterdam – Rome, March 25, 1998

The messages of Amsterdam are unique in the history of Marian apparitions because Our Lady gives detailed descriptions of her image in six messages.

Mary appears here as the COREDEMPTRIX in three ways:

• She stands, penetrated by God’s light, before the Cross of her Son, with whom she is inseparably united.

• She has a cloth wrapped around her, which she explains, “Listen carefully to what this means. This is as the Loincloth of the Son. For I stand as the Lady before the Cross of the Son” (April 15, 1951).

• Her hands have radiant Wounds. Thereby Mary describes in an image the suffering of body and soul which she bore in union with her divine Son for the redemption of mankind.

Again the Lady directs Ida’s attention to her hands and thereby reveals to her that she is MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE: “Now look at my hands and describe what you see.”

Now it is as if there had been a wound in the middle of her hands. From there, from each hand, three rays of light are coming forth, shining upon the sheep.

The Lady smiles and says, “These are three rays, the rays of Grace, Redemption and Peace” (May 31, 1951). Grace from the Father, Redemption from the Son, and Peace from the Holy Spirit.

“I have firmly placed my feet upon the globe, for in this time the Father and the Son wants to bring me into this world as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate” (May 31, 1951). “This time is our time” (July 2, 1951).

In a biblical representation, Mary shows the visionary sheep around the globe which symbolize all the nations and races of the earth. Then she says that they will not find true rest “until they lie down and in tranquility look up at the Cross, the center of this world” (May 31, 1951).

*                              *                              *


The visionary, Ida Peerdeman, of The Lady of All Nations, once saw an amazing image of billions of snowflakes around the globe.

Our Lady revealed to her:

“Just as the snowflakes whirl over the world and fall upon the ground in a thick layer, so will the prayer and the image spread over the world and fall down into the hearts of all nations. Just as the snow melts into the ground, so the fruit, the Spirit, will come into the hearts of all people who pray this prayer every day” (April 1, 1951).


Locutions To The World

January 24, 2015

“Heaven’s New Snowfall”


My blessings are like snow falling on the ground, covering every part with a heavenly beauty.  Snow is a two-fold image – of heaven, because it falls from the sky and of blessings, because it covers everything in a strange beauty, pleasing to the eye.  No one can command the snow.  No one cay say to the snow “Come” and no one can command, “Stop”.  All is beyond man’s powers, even his most sophisticated inventions.

So it will be when I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift.  No power in heaven or earth will stop the blessings.  No one will be able to cover them over.  Just as everyone sees the snow falling, so all will see the heavenly blessings of Fatima.

Thousands witnessed the sun dancing in the sky, but millions will see the new snow of Fatima falling.  That is why the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be public, known to all the world and to the Church.

Let it be made with the greatest of faith, by everyone.  All must believe.  All must be taught the promises.  The whole Church, with one mind and heart, filled with the greatest hope in the midst of the great darkness, must turn to heaven.  After that, the snow will begin to fall and new hope will begin to live in people’s hearts.

Comment:  Our Lady uses many images – fire, water, light, darkness.  However, this is the first time she has likened her actions to falling snow.

*                              *                              *


Our Lady of Emmitsburg

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
March 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

Time was created so that all children would know the Truth and so that all children would know what was available to them to see, to live and to breathe.  Tremendous hardship unveiled; and as it unfolded, a most precious soul was created, a soul created Immaculate.  She was created from My Hand.  This soul’s “fiat” came into the world, and she devoutly gave her undivided attention with songs of prayer and praise and joyous exclamation to “Abba”, knowing that good fruit was about to unfold.

This woman deemed Immaculate and pure gave a “fiat” of her own free will to live for all people for one purpose, that being to present to the world the Truth of God.  Within her womb immaculately came the Truth.

As any little Child, He grew; and this Immaculate woman had to endure many sorrows, and yet many joys.  One of her greatest joys was that of having her husband beside her, joined in a family and rearing a Child in prayer and with Love.

This Child was condemned, persecuted, tormented, ridiculed and rejected; and this woman, she too was condemned, persecuted, ridiculed and rejected.

You think you bear insults from one another in humanity; but, children of humanity, perhaps you should look to this woman who first bears the brunt of all your pain, as she did for my most beloved Son.  In the Most Blessed Trinity, He accepted to come into this world as a human being, and she encouraged Him and bore His pain.  If you think His Heart was pierced, you had best look to this woman to see the larger piercing that went first through her Heart and then through her Son’s.

Children of humanity, do you think you really know who she is?  Do you really believe that you know her as I do?  If you knew her, then My Church would know her; and yet, she is willing to die for you to save you, present you and protect you.  You may think you know a person.  You may read and learn about the history of a person.  What have you read about her?  Do you know her, or do you only know about her?  I know her as she knows you.  There is no other purer being, besides my Son, who loves you so unconditionally that she would give her life for you.

Be on guard against those who desire to celebrate in the death of someone so Immaculate.  Joy and Peace, silence and Love will tell you the Truth; and yet, she will continue to lay her life down unto death for you, only so that you may know fully the Truth of God my Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, born through her womb.  The Truth has to be made known.

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