Special Commentary – Exposing Satan’s Evil Agenda – Part One – The Antichrist – By A Soul

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CORRECTION TO COMMENTARY – Exposing Satan’s Evil Agenda – Part One – The Antichrist – By a soul




A Commentary

By a soul

(Began on the Eve of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, May 13, 2017)

(Finished on the Feast of Saint Sharbel Makhluf, July 24, 2017)




Meditation: Heavenly Message


Part One: Devils, Demons, Hell, and God’s Wrath

* What are devils?

* What is hell?

* Where is hell?

* What is God’s Wrath?

* What are demons?

* What is the soul?

Part Two: Demonic Possession (1)

* The soul and demonic possession

Part Three: Good, Evil, and Insanity

* The Divine Will and the satanic will

* The difference between Good and evil

* The origin of mental illness and insanity

Part Four: The Stars in Heaven

* An analogy to Holy Love

Part Five: Black Holes

* What are black holes?

* An analogy: black holes and free-will

Part Six: Mortal Sin, the Light of God, and Spiritual Blindness

* What is sin?

* The effect of Original Sin

* The difference between mortal sin and venial sin on the soul

* The definition of spiritual blindness

Part Seven: The Satanic Will, the Sign of the Cross, and the Mark of the Beast

* The sign of the cross and baptism

* What is the mark of the beast?

* Who is the person represented by “666”?

* The mark of the beast and black holes

* A saving grace by God

Part Eight: Demonic Possession (2)

* What is demonic possession?

* Original Sin and satan

* Demonic possession while in a state of grace

* How satan tempts people

* The prevalence of demonic possession

Part Nine: “In the Beginning…”

* Ending the debate: 6 Days of Creation

Part Ten: Do Animals Have Souls?

* Animals and death

* Adam’s Original Sin

* Are there pets in Heaven?

Part Eleven: Angelic Power

* The spiritual gifts of the angels

* The origin of disease and illness

* The theory of evolution is false

* Higher intelligence in animals

Part Twelve: Genesis: Chapter Six – The Nephilim

* Who are the sons of God?

* Who are the Nephilim?

* Who did Our Lord save on The Cross?

* The ancient world before the Great Flood of Noah

Part Thirteen: The Origin of the Antichrist

Part Fourteen: Revelation: Chapter 13 – The Two Beasts

* The mortal wound that was healed

* How does a demon incarnate gain powers?

Part Fifteen: Revelation: Chapter 17 – The Beast and the Harlot

* Who is Babylon?

* Who is the beast?

* Who are the eight kings?

* Who are the ten horns?

Part Sixteen: The Antichrist and the False Prophet

Part Seventeen: The Battle of Armageddon



End Times Daily

Monthly Heavenly Message Given To Ned Dougherty


June 2, 2017 @ 8:45am

Meditation Garden, St. Rosalie’s Parish, Hampton Bays, New York

Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

When I chose you to be a faithful follower of My Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I did not choose you because you were flawless and without sin. Only you know best how difficult your journey has been to follow my wishes for you to convey My Son’s Messages to the rest of the world.

Many times it is difficult for the people to believe in the messages of God’s chosen messengers, because the messenger is never as perfect as the perfection that others seek in order to follow the messages. And so it is with many of your leaders who have been chosen by the Father in Heaven, and by My Son, and at times, with the intercession of your Heavenly Mother. The least of you, who would be considered as messengers and capable of carrying the Lord’s words to God’s children, are in many instances, exactly those who are chosen to serve the Lord and His plan for the salvation of humanity.

All of your brothers and sisters are dealing with their own issues and missions that have become part of their journey here on Earth, and there are many instances, such as in your own circumstances, where the Lord and Saviour personally calls upon an unsuspecting servant to set aside worldly pursuits. The Father in Heaven, and His Son, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, and in many instances with the intercession of your Heavenly Mother, chooses many of you in these end times to speak out as voices in the desert, for the Father in Heaven is now fulfilling the ancient and modern prophesies to intervene in the affairs of mankind in these trying, yet exciting times.

Such is the case now with some of your world leaders, who are standing up courageously against the draconian influence of the demon satan, who has maintained a steadfast grip on humanity for many centuries now through the evil one’s manipulation and control of those who call themselves the global elites, who are the unfortunate minions of the evil one, and who are lusting for power and control over Gods’ children here on Earth.

Let the word go forth through this message that your Heavenly Mother is speaking to you now in very strong terms. Now is the time for all of God’s children to support your leaders who are fighting the good fight against the architects of the one-world order designed by satan, who spits defiantly against his own Creator. For it is the demon himself, who is fully in control of the globalist system of power and control that is attempting now to fully implement satan’s evil plans to enforce the subjugation of all of God’s children into a society of slavery, and to a new world order that is the demonic dream of the evil one.

The evil one has chosen well those of you who have easily fallen for the world of power through greed and corruption that the demon incarnate has implemented throughout the world. Now is the time that the veil is being lifted for the rest of humanity; the veil that exposes the naked evilness of those who have fallen in with the evil one.

The cast of those who have fallen into league with satan is now being truly revealed in their own actions and words, as the minions of satan are now becoming totally enraged by the recognition that the Father in Heaven is now intervening into their control, and they fear greatly that as they are becoming more fully exposed to the rest of you that they will lose their power and control over you.

So be it! For this is the plan of the Father in Heaven, to cut the chaff from the wheat, and to cast the chaff into the abyss along with their leader, satan, lucifer, the evil one.

So I call upon all of you as your Heavenly Mother. Become vigilantly aware of the affairs that are happening globally throughout your world. The times are changing now as the revealing of the evil is accomplished through the mission of my Son, the Redeemer of the world, who is now fully involved in turning the tide against the evil one and his followers.

But the Father in Heaven is calling upon you now to support your leaders who have the courage to stand up to satan’s draconian empire, for it is not through any one leader or group of leaders alone that the evil one will be defeated. His demonic defeat will result from, first of all, the increasing awareness by all of God’s children that the evil one’s minions have been stealthily exercising a power and control over the rest of you for many centuries now, and that they have exercised such power only through their knowledge of the ancient occult secrets that the evil one has employed to ruin mankind.

The veil is lifting now! Trust yourself only to the Father in Heaven, and through His Son the Redeemer of the world, as well as through the power of the Holy Spirit that is pouring forth throughout the world increasingly in these end times, until all of God’s children see the Light of the Loving Father in Heaven that will permeate throughout the whole world in the blink of an eye, permeating thoroughly within each and everyone of you and illuminating your souls, so that at this coming time, the veil between Heaven and Earth will be fully lifted and the deception of the evil one will be fully exposed.

At this coming time, the evil one will then ultimately lose the eternal battle for all souls, because the truth will be self-evident – that it is the Love of the Father in Heaven that sustains all of you. It is the Love of the Father in Heaven in these times that is being manifested through and within many of the Father’s children, who are called upon in these times to lead all of you in the Father’s direction.

It is this Light, Love, and Knowledge that the evil one and his minions fear the most, for the evil one knows deep within his evil soul that his days are numbered.

The Bright Light of the Father in Heaven through the Power of the Holy Spirit is about to pour forth over Earth, restoring Earth and its inhabitants to the Creator’s original glory here on Earth.

So be it! For the Father in Heaven has ordained that there shall be a New Heaven and a New Earth!

Thanks Be To God!

Our Lady of Light

Message ended at 9:11am



A Commentary

By a soul

(Began on the Eve of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, May 13, 2017)

(Finished on the Feast of Saint Sharbel Makhluf, July 24, 2017)


This special commentary that I am about to write is going to be very challenging for everyone who reads it to accept it on face value as Truth. Many people will want to deny these words, because the Truth will be too shocking to bear.

This special commentary will be especially hard for clergy—even the most holiest of priests will find these words difficult, because to accept this writing as the Truth will require immediate change of attitudes and behaviors. This writing convicts consciences. Many priests are too compromised, only willing to take the Gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, so far, before they stop and can walk no further in the Hands of Our Lord… Their hearts are too lukewarm and indifferent or cold and hard like stone.

That is why Our Lady said in a special message on her True Birthday on August 5, 2015 at Holy Love Ministries (http://www.holylove.org) these words:

Every day there are priests, bishops and or cardinals that slip to their perdition. Most lose their souls for what they did not do! They did not provide sound spiritual leadership to their flock. Oh yes, these are few – not many – popes in the netherworld as well, and for much the same reason. This Message will be frowned upon by Church leaders. But why? They, of all people, need to be perfected in personal holiness in order to lead others in this regard. I would not be a loving Mother if I allowed religious leaders to think that their vocation saved their soul. It is their response to their vocation which saves or condemns them. No one should believe himself to be above condemnation!”

Yes, most priests today—both living and dying—are on the broad pathway to hell. This special commentary will expose the reasons why. And while I do not expect this writing to be readily accepted by the Catholic Church beforehand, I know that after The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience takes place, many clergy will weep bitter tears when they recognize my words as the Truth and have to face the reality of the created situation.

I write for them—for the many clergy who will return with full, open and willing hearts to The Lord after The Great Warning takes place. I write for these men so they can have peace in their souls and will be strong and resolute in standing with God.

This special commentary that I am about to write will also be very hard in general for people to accept as the Truth. Even the most holiest and devout souls will find it hard to swallow and will choke on my words. But, I will not mince words to save hearts from knowing the Truth.

I am writing this special commentary because we are now living in the End Times. As revealed at Holy Love Ministries, the First Seal of the Apocalypse has been broken by the Lamb of God and the Great Tribulation has already begun. Now the secrets of Heaven and hell need to be revealed to mankind in order to further along the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father.

There must be the final culmination in the Great Battle between Heaven and hell for every living soul on earth, so everyone can choose their eternal fate in preparation for the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to take place and so the Great Era of Peace can begin.

And because Purgatory will be definitively closed at the Second Coming, every person on earth still living must decide for themselves—God or satan. This choice must be certain in all aspects. Thus, the final separation between Good and evil will take place after The Great Warning—when the heart of the world—all souls—are awakened to the reality of God and His Commandments. Every person will be held to a higher degree of accountability before God for their actions.

I pray for every person who will read this commentary for many special graces to be bestowed upon them through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother for their complete understanding and open heart to the Truth. I underwent much spiritual warfare while this information was being conveyed to me and I pray that this writing will bear many fruits in the hearts of all from it.

Finally, due to the serious nature of this special commentary, I highly recommend that everyone sincerely pray to God and Our Lady for the graces to understand what God desires them to know before reading this writing. One of the followers of my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, read my special commentary about Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje, before The Blessed Sacrament and remarked to me that it greatly helped her.

(See Special Commentary (Easter 2017): After The Great Warning – Understanding Fatima, Garabandal, And Medjugorje, https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/after-the-great-warning-understanding-fatima-garabandal-and-medjugorje-by-a-soul/).

Thus, I do recommend that everyone who can do so, to pray and read this special commentary before The Blessed Sacrament. I know that everyone who does this will be greatly blessed by God.

Finally, I remind readers of this special commentary about the Gospel story of when Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was speaking about The Real Presence of The Holy Eucharist—the need for His followers to eat and drink His Most Precious Body and Most Precious Blood in order to have eternal life… Many people who had witnessed His many miracles chose to stop following Him then and they walked away…

Will you walk away now from the Truth?

Part One: Devils, Demons, Hell, and God’s Wrath

Before I can write about the antichrist, I have to explain the definition of certain terminology used in this special commentary and give a little theology lesson about the satanic will, so readers can understand this writing better. However, as I have admitted before, I am not a theologian and I have never taken a theology class. All I know comes from prayer to The Holy Spirit, personal experience, and personal study. I do not merit any of these graces and I freely offer this knowledge to others, so these graces from God can continue to flow into the world and bless others.

Also, I have never claimed to have perfect discernment.

Now, that disclaimer being said, I want people to know first that devils and demons are two distinct and different classes of persons.

Whenever I refer to “devils,” I am referring to fallen angels who dwell in hell. All the angels were created in the blink of an eye at the start of Creation in Heaven and all were given the choice to serve God or not. The good angels chose to serve and love God and dwell in Heaven with Him. The good angels exist in an eternal state of bliss and happiness.

The bad angels chose to defy God and hate God and everything of God. These bad angels—“devils”—fell from a state of grace before God and exist in hell. All devils follow satan, also known as “lucifer” before the fall, who was the most blessed angel of God—having been gifted with the highest degree of spiritual gifts from God. satan and all devils continue to have their spiritual gifts from God, as God Is True to Himself in His Love and so, once He gives a gift to His beloved creatures, He does not take it away from them although they may hurt Him and be disobedient. Now, satan and all devils use their corrupted spiritual gifts to tempt mankind to sin against and turn away from God, because of their hatred of mankind being the beloved family of God.

It is the ultimate goal of satan and all devils to bring every human person living on earth to hell, because to do so, would bring extreme infinite pain and extreme infinite sorrow to God due to His Great Love for every human person, who are each created to be His beloved child. It is the utmost desire of God to lavish His Great Love on every single human person who chooses God for all eternity in Heaven. satan and all devils know this fact and hate that every man has the chance for salvation through Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

What is hell? Hell is both a state of being and a physical place.

Firstly, hell is a state of being. God Is Perfect Love and God Is Perfect Goodness. All angels and all mankind are created by God to exist in union with Him abiding in His Love and His Goodness for all eternity.

When the devils rejected God, they rejected existing in union with Him in His Love and His Goodness. Their rejection of Him caused the devils to be in a permanent and irrevocable state of being separated from God for all eternity (hell as a state of being). This state of being in hell is permanent and irrevocable, because the devils were given heightened knowledge of and graces by God and so, they were held to a very high degree of accountability to Him for these gifts. And so, when the devils chose not to love God, they chose the opposite of Love, which is hatred. And when the devils chose not to serve God, they chose the opposite of Good, which is evil.

Also, it is because God Is Perfect Love and He Is Perfect Goodness, that the devils continue to exist, because, as stated before, once God gives a gift to a beloved creature, He does not take it away from him despite the extreme infinite pain and extreme infinite sorrow the abuse of the gift might cause God. This includes the gift of eternal life.

The reality of extreme infinite pain and extreme infinite sorrow felt by God is the risk God took when He decided to create the angels and mankind to be His beloved family as part of Creation. True Love cannot be truly expressed between people unless it is a willing choice between both persons. The angels and mankind are created in the image and likeness of God with the gifts of willing and knowing. And so, the gift of free-will was given to the angels and mankind, so each could choose to love God or not for all-eternity, as God so freely Loves each of them, and how God freely Loves Himself between the Three Divine Persons of The Most Holy Trinity—the Heavenly Father and the Divine Son Infinitely Loving Each Other in All-Eternity through the Passing of the Divine Person of The Holy Spirit between Them.

The devils chose against God and thus, will continue to live for all eternity in a permanent state of hatred and evil, although God will forever Love each of them. God, in His Goodness, merely ratifies and seals their eternal choices to be permanently separated from Him and to hate Him and to do evil in hell (the physical place).

Where is hell? Hell is in the bowels (center) of the planet earth and is a fiery core. So, there is a definite physical fire that exists in hell. God formed a Great Chasm in the middle of the earth, so the devils had a place to dwell for eternity and could do their evil totally separated from mankind living on the face of the earth and the good angels in Heaven. However, when God permitted satan to tempt our first parents, Adam and Eve, and they failed the test of their love for God and love for each other, because Adam and Eve were made the original stewards of the earth by God, their acts of disobedience allowed satan to extend his kingdom of hell from beyond the center of the earth to including the face of the earth. Thus, all of earth became a valley of deep sorrow and heartfelt tears due to the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Does God exist in hell? This is a trick question. The simple answer is no. Hell is the absence of God. God Is Love and All-Love is absent in hell. However, all the angels were created by God out of His Great Love and it is because God Is Love, all angels, including the devils, will forever exist as created beings. God’s Love, which is synonymous with His Divine Will, will forever sustain all the devils in hell. All of Creation exists because of the Divine Will and the devils and satan are no exception. However, the Divine Will Is also a Divine Fire, and so, instead of experiencing the Divine Fire of Perfect Love that the good angels feel in Heaven as their natural state of being, all the devils feel as their natural state of being the Divine Fire of God’s Wrath. Recall, God Always Loves the sinner, but hates all sin, which are failures to truly love God and others as God calls us each to do through His Commandments. And so, hell is felt both as a physical fire and a spiritual fire by all devils and satan, which is lit by God’s Holy Anger (His Wrath) towards their sin. Thus, the Divine Will forever sustains the existence of all the devils and lost souls in hell.

Meanwhile, whenever I refer to “demons,” I am referring to lost (damned) souls in hell. “Souls” refers generally to mankind. Every human person has a soul. The soul is the spiritual essence of who a person is—it is who you are and once created, you will live on for eternity due to the Divine Will. Damned souls exist because every human person has the same gift of free-will that was given to our first parents, Adam and Eve, to choose God or not for all eternity. God ratifies and seals each person’s eternal choice upon death. The presence or lack of love for God and neighbor as self at the final breath of life is the determining factor for each person’s eternal choice. Love for God and neighbor as self is also known as the Commandments of “Holy Love.”

This is how Our Lord, Jesus Christ, describes the “soul” to 7th Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, in the Book of Truth:

People don’t know what their soul is – the answer is simple”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is your soul?

“…Many people don’t know what their soul is. What it feels like, or how to recognise it. Is it your mind, your conscience? The answer is simple. Your soul is you. It is who you are, your conscience, your beliefs, your understanding, whether this represents the Truth, for what it is, or the truth for what you want to believe it is. It is not a separate part of you, dear children, something that belongs to another world. It is present within each human being.”

Your soul can be looked after by following My Teachings. It can be neglected through sin, which is very difficult to avoid, but it can be replenished by confessing or expressing remorse and starting out again. Or it can be destroyed. Some deliberately destroy their soul by sinning, for the pleasures or vices of this world, in the full-knowledge of what they are doing. Others deny they have a soul. Their arrogance convinces them that they know all. That life begins and ends on this Earth.”

And then there are those young souls who, through no fault of their own, were reared by parents in times of plenty where they wanted for nothing in the materialistic sense. Their religion is based on material gain. By striving for more stimulus, their ambition continues to increase until, eventually, there is nothing else they can strive for until death faces them. Then they are lost. Puzzled. Confused. With a deep, sickening feeling inside they know something is wrong. The soul is telling them, but they don’t know how to respond. They are the ones you need to save…”


And so, demons are lost human beings in hell. Demons are not devils (fallen angels) and devils are not demons (lost souls), although the terms are used interchangeably by many people in casual conversations. This distinction is important to understand and recognize, because later in this special commentary, I will be describing what the antichrist is (a demon incarnate). So, please remember this distinction.

Next, I will explain demonic possession, what the satanic will is and also, the mark of the beast.

Part Two: Demonic Possession (1)

Now, what I am about to write, the satanic will, is something that I have learned about through much personal experience and much prayer to The Holy Spirit. I have never read or heard about the satanic will anywhere, so I do not know if these concepts and thoughts are already known in the Catholic Church, maybe using different words, or taught in advanced theology. I honestly do not know. But, it is because I have much personal experience in this subject matter that I am able to write these words down with confidence. However, I will always claim that I do not have perfect discernment. So, please pray about this while reading these next few sections.

I have to first write about demonic possession.

Oftentimes, people will make comments like “the devil possessed his soul” or “the devil possessed a soul,” etc. Many people associate demonic possession with the devil or satan taking over or possessing entirely a soul. However, this common belief among people is a mistaken fallacy.

The Truth is the devil (satan) cannot possess people’s souls. The devil has never been able to possess people’s souls and the devil will never be able to possess people’s souls. This is a supernatural fact.

The Truth is that the human soul is the spiritual essence of who a person is. The soul of every human person is always kept intact by God and its integrity is never jeopardized, because the soul is the gift of eternal life that God created at conception as to who you essentially are as a human being before Him. God would never permit a soul to be possessed by a devil or satan, because your soul—the essence of who you are—would immediately cease to exist.

God would never allow the gift of eternal life for anyone—their soul—to be destroyed by satan.

In Truth, the only being who can supernaturally possess any human soul is God Himself, because every soul is created for the purpose of being united with Him, abiding in His Perfect Love and Perfect Goodness, for all eternity. This Truth is revealed with the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in each Christian soul that comes about by worthy and frequent reception of the Sacraments of the Catholic and Orthodox Church, particularly, The Most Holy Eucharist; as well as our limited understanding of the mysteries of the beatific vision, which is the eternal state of ecstatic bliss for all good souls existing in Heaven. The beatific vision is heavenly union with God.

Only God can truly possess souls. Not any devil nor satan.

So, what is demonic possession? The Truth is the devil and satan can only possess the physical body and not the spiritual soul of any human person. Demonic possession is possession of the body by a devil or satan, not the soul. I will speak more about demonic possession later in this writing, but first, I need to explain the difference between Good and evil, so people will understand better these secrets of Heaven and hell that I am revealing.

Part Three: Good, Evil, and Insanity

God Is Good and God’s Will, also known as the Divine Will, is the Source for All-Goodness. God’s Goodness is the Source for All-Creation—Heaven, the universe and earth, all living things, all the angels and all mankind.

The satanic will, also known as the demonic will, is the source for all-evil in Creation.

The satanic will comes from the angelic person, satan. Through his rebellion from God, satan is the cause of the fall of one-third of the angels and the fall of mankind.

satan is evil. satan is evil personified. All the devils are evil personified.

The ultimate free-will choice for every human person is the choice between following God’s Will or the satanic will. The ultimate choice for every human person is between God or satan, Good or evil.

God and satan are opposites, but They are not equal to each other. Likewise, Good and evil are opposite to each other, but They are not equal to each other.

God Is Perfect. God Is Infinite and Eternal. God Has Always Existed and Will Forever Always Exist. God Is Eternally and Infinitely Perfect in Himself. God Exists unto Himself and as the Creator Exists Independent from His Creation. This is why God Is All-Mighty and All-Powerful. God’s Good extends beyond All-Creation as He Is the Eternally Perfect Good—not merely present in Creation but He Is the Uncreated Lord set apart from It. To be set apart for God and His Glory is the definition of holiness. Thus, God Is The Holy of Holies because He Is Perfect Holiness—The Most Holy Trinity—Three Divine Persons Perfectly Holy unto Each Other—Most Holy As One Uncreated Lord.

In contrast. satan and all the devils are created persons and are only one part of God’s Creation. Apart from God, satan and all the devils are insignificant and are as nothing compared to the All-Mighty and All-Powerful Uncreated Lord.

In Truth, All of Creation is like mere nothingness, insignificant, and inconsequential, compared to All-Mighty and All-Powerful God. All of Creation is simply one singular continually active movement of His Infinite Divine Will.

The only reason All of Creation has any meaning and life has purpose and life is valuable is because the Creator-God desires It to be so as Eternal Truth. All of Creation becomes something from mere nothingness solely because It is found valuable and worthy in the Eyes, Mind and Most Sacred Heart of God. Because Creation from nothingness would continue to serve no purpose and to mean nothing without the Creator-God. Creation only derives Its meaning and Its purpose through Its relationship with the Creator Who makes It. Apart from God, Creation does not make sense. Apart from God, nothing makes sense.

And, in Truth, to choose satan and not God does not make any sense, because that person is choosing an existence apart from God—an eternal existence lacking purpose, an eternal existence of nothingness. To do any evil (sin) is essentially illogical and irrational. In its extreme, evil as a state of being is delusional because it is belief in a false reality to Eternal Truth—Truth Is God. Thus, at its extreme, evil results in complete madness and a permanent state of insanity. Evil is pointless and meaningless. The purpose of our existence and meaning to life only comes from God and is only derived at by living His Commandments and according to His Divine Will and His Divine Plan.

This is in Truth the reason why more and more people are suffering mental illness today. There is a direct correlation between sin, the escalation of evil, and manifestation of mental illness. But, modern psychology and modern psychiatry denies the reality of evil, the devils and satan, and sin, when treating people suffering from mental illness. And the Catholic Church is slow to see the direct link between sin, evil, and mental illness, even among those who deal with the reality of the devil on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, most experts in the Catholic Church believe that mental illness is only a physical medical condition and they deny that the devil is involved in any aspect of mental illness. And sadly, this is resulting in poor treatment of those who are suffering.

I know this fact intimately, because I suffer from schizophrenia. satan loves to hide his spiritual attacks behind the mask of my physical tendencies towards mental illness (schizophrenia) and loves to drive me to the point of insanity. The sole reason that I am able to maintain my sanity most of the time is because of God—I live my Catholic faith and live the Commandments of God. I take daily medication to treat my physical condition—my mental weaknesses, but I have also learned to incorporate God in my life for the rest of my needs.

My treatment is two-fold—medical and spiritual. I wish this was so for all people suffering from mental illness.

Finally, I want to share two short excerpts of heavenly messages from the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy). In this first excerpt, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, speaks of the insanity of hell:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

…Even when you are in sin, there is still the Light of God present in you. Many sinners and atheists do not realise this. They continue on their downward spiral of sin moving closer to Hell. Yet, it is only because of the Light from God that they remain sane. Without the Light of God, this Earth would be in darkness. This darkness, once experienced, will terrorise you. Your sinful acts will not only be repulsive to you, but you will want to run and hide. For even then, if the Light of God were to suddenly appear, you would not be able to withstand the glare or the Power.”

And here is the second excerpt from the Blessed Virgin Mary in which She also addresses the issue of insanity due to satan and briefly touches upon bodily possession by devils:

Monday, July 23, 2012

…For those who have little faith and say what does it matter you must know the damage which Satan inflicts upon your soul.

He is like a disease which is difficult to cure. Once it grips you it leads to other diseases even worse than the first so that one cure is not enough.

He poisons the soul, the mind and the body so quickly that it is very difficult to disengage yourself.

Children, you do not realise how powerful and vindictive he is. Once he infests a soul he will not leave it alone so that the soul in question nearly loses his mind.

In some cases these souls no longer control their own impulses.

As the Mother of all of God’s children, I have the power to help salvage your soul.

As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you…”

Part Four: The Stars in Heaven

Now, about the satanic will, the best analogy that I can use to explain the satanic will are black holes in outer space. But first, let me explain about the stars in heaven and what happens when a star usually dies.

From a distance, all stars in outer space appear to be white in color. All stars appear to be white, because they are radiating all colors of the light spectrum, but if one gets closer to a star, you will see that stars come in different colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue—depending on how hot the star is. Red is the coolest star and blue is the hottest.

Now, in Holy Scripture, the Patriarch of the ancient Jews, Abraham, was a great man of faith. And due to his deep faith, God made a covenant with Abraham promising that his descendants would be as countless as the stars in heaven. All Jews and all Christians are considered the descendants of Abraham, because of their belief in the True God.

So, as an analogy, consider each human soul to be a star in heaven. All living stars appear to be white from a distance, because it is the Divine Plan that every living soul pursue personal holiness which is Holy Love—love of God above all else and neighbor as self in every present moment of life. This is the foundation of all Heavenly Law and the Ten Commandments of God. The color of whiteness for each star is the expression of Holy Love—a radiation of all colors of the light spectrum—selfless love of God and neighbor in each living soul radiating outwards into infinity in Heaven.

However, upon closer look, one sees the different colors for each star—blue stars are the hottest stars having been more newly created in outer space. Blue stars can also be considered the most purest state of being for stars, because a blue star is still displaying its finest attributes having lost very little of its nuclear fuel into outer space.

Similarly, the different colors of the stars display the different degrees of personal holiness (glory) in living souls. Blue stars would be living souls that showcase the highest degrees of perfection in Holy Love. The most holiest of blue stars would also be the purest in creation having Perfect Holy Love in every moment of life and having lost none of its graces. Thus, the most holiest blue star would be immaculate in conception and would be, obviously, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven.

Meanwhile, when normal stars die, they become a white dwarf, having shrunk and expelled outward all their nuclear fuel into a beautiful planetary nebula, which results in the creation of more stars. Only the white core of a normal star is left. Likewise, it is the Desire of God that when a person dies, he is totally perfected in selfless love, leaving behind a legacy of Holy Love to bless his children and the future generations.

Part Five: Black Holes

What is a black hole? Stars are held in perfect balance by two opposing forces, gravity and radiation. There is the inward pressure of gravity attempting to collapse the star, counteracted by the outward pressure of the star’s emitted radiation.

At first in its life cycle, a star emits radiation by converting hydrogen into helium every second as a fusion reaction. Then, when all of the hydrogen is consumed, the star switches to helium until it run outs, then to carbon, and then oxygen. All the while, the star will continue to emit radiation, balancing out the gravitational forces trying to compress it.

Once the oxygen runs out, stars like our Sun are not massive enough to continue the fusion reaction, and so, they become a white dwarf and cool down. However, for stars much more massive than our Sun, the fusion process continues further up the periodic table to silicon, aluminum, potassium, and so on, all the way to iron.

No energy can be produced by fusing iron atoms together. And so, in a fraction of a second, the radiation from a star turns off. Then, without the outward pressure from the radiation, gravity wins out and the star implodes. The entire star’s mass collapses down into a smaller and smaller volume of space.

Meanwhile, the velocity needed to escape from the star goes up, until not even light is travelling fast enough to escape the gravitational pull. This is how a star becomes a black hole. Black holes are gravitational voids in outer space. They are absent any light and will distort the space around them, often sucking neighboring matter into them including other stars.

Black holes and free-will. Every human person has been given the gift of free-will at birth (according to the Book of Truth—Maria Divine Mercy) so he can choose between God or satan for all eternity. Any choice against the Divine Will results in sin. Sin can be a thought, word, deed, or omission of doing something according to the Divine Will.

If the most perfect, purest, and holiest of blue stars is immaculate in conception is the Blessed Virgin Mary, then the opposite can said to be true. The most massive, self-destructive, gravitational void of a black hole represents satan.

Likewise, if the Divine Will is synonymous with Holy Love (love of God above all else and neighbor as self) and is associated with the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (as taught at Holy Love Ministries), then the opposite can also be said as truth. The most self-destructive use of free-will that at its core is pure heartlessness comes from satan—his rebellious will against God’s Will is the satanic will and can be said to be at the center of every black hole—every fallen star (damned soul) in the universe.

The largest stars in the Cosmos represent those souls most swollen with selfishness, pride and conceit. Gravity represents the satanic will in action, pulling stars inward upon themselves—the destructive self-will of souls—first originating in the universe from the Fall of our first parents of Adam and Eve (Original Sin), who were made not only stewards by God of the earth but of all the material Cosmos. The opposite force—radiation—represents grace reacting positively in souls. Light is synonymous with God and Holy Love—the Universal Law of love of God above all else and neighbor as self, with the purer the light, the more exceptional the star.

Part Six: Mortal Sin, the Light of God, and Spiritual Blindness

Before I can continue to discuss black holes, I need to address the topic of sin and the Light of God—the Presence of God in a soul through union with The Holy Spirit.

As I have stated previously, Good and evil are opposites, but they are not equal in force to each other. Good (God) is everything; evil (satan) is nothing. The proper definition of evil is that it is a “lack” of goodness in something or in someone. Any evil in a soul—is a lack of goodness present in that person. Any evil committed by a person is a departure from the Divine Will (the Universal Law of Holy Love) and is called a “sin.”

All sin creates a “spiritual void” (mark) in a soul and needs to be fully cleansed before a person can enter the Light of Heaven—enter fully into the Presence of the Thrice-Holy God. These spiritual voids will exist on the area of the soul corresponding to the nature of the sins committed. For example, if a person tended towards prideful sins, the spiritual voids would be located on the spiritual head of a soul. Or, if a person sinned much with his hands, the spiritual voids would be located on the spiritual hands of a soul, etc.

Now, when God creates a human being at the moment of conception, it is a Miracle of Light, in which a living soul is united to the physical joining of a sperm and egg from the man and woman in the marital act. But due to our fallen state inherited from Adam and Eve (Original Sin), which is the tendency (weakness) towards sin, the Miracle of Conception—the unborn infant who is formed in God’s Divine Light, is tainted with Original Sin from his parents and when born, is at “enmity” with God. “Enmity” means lack of friendship with God, an enemy of God. However, friendship with God is normally restored through the Sacrament of Baptism, which removes Original Sin (as well as all other committed sins) in a living soul, as well as other Sacraments like Confession, etc. And through frequent worthy receptions of Holy Communion and acts of devotions like prayer to God and reading Sacred Scripture, etc., the Light of God (union with God through The Holy Spirit) will grow in a soul making him holier.

There are different degrees of sin (spiritual voids) possible in a living soul. Besides Original Sin which every person inherits from their parents and needs to be removed by Baptism, there is venial sin and mortal sin. The main difference between venial sin and mortal sin is that mortal sin immediately removes the Light of God from a soul once a person commits the mortal sin. Mortal sins are serious acts of disobeying the Ten Commandments of God and Holy Love (love of God above all else and neighbor as self), such as murder, abortion, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a complete list of mortal sins, as that is beyond the scope of this writing. However, through a daily healthy examination of one’s own conscience and the counseling of a properly-trained good spiritual adviser, mortal sins can be identified for a proper Confession before God, etc. (Also see: Jesus Christ Speaks To His People – The Mortal Sins That Send Souls To Hell, https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/the-book-of-truth-maria-divine-mercy/jesus-speaks-to-his-people-the-mortal-sins-that-send-souls-to-hell-book-of-truth-maria-divine-mercy/).

In contrast, venial sin does not do this—the Light of God will still remain in the soul although the Presence of God in His Light will become diminished in the soul. And if one were to look at the spiritual state of any living person on earth, the distinguishing feature between a person who is in a state of grace or not would be the presence of the Light of God in his soul or lack of this Light (union with The Holy Spirit).

If a living person is worthy of Heaven (in a state of grace), spiritually, one would be able to see Light radiating from his soul—either purely, or with pockets (spiritual voids) of grayness in his soul. The grayness would be the product of venial sins that have not been fully cleansed yet by the Sacrament of Confession to a priest, penance, or other acts of atonement to God while living on earth, etc., or by Purgatory—the intermediary state of being that exists before entering Heaven that comes after death. The existence of Purgatory after death is a special act of continual grace from God for souls that still need purification for committed venial sins. This is because only fully purified souls can enter Heaven, as nothing unholy can exist in union with God in Heaven—The Holy of Holies.

In contrast, if a living person is worthy of hell (in a state of disgrace), spiritually, he would appear black—the complete and total lack (absence) of any Light of God in his soul. And the more mortal sins committed, the deeper the depth of blackness of the spiritual voids and resulting spiritual deformities present on his soul.

Meanwhile, before I can return to the topic of black holes, I need to address a question that might arise about those living in a state of mortal sin versus venial sin on earth. At Holy Love Ministries, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave the following message:

June 12, 2016

Praise be to Jesus.”

These days most consciences are formed according to what is culturally acceptable – not according to God’s Commandments. So, I can tell you that the vast majority of souls who present themselves before My Son’s Judgment Seat are in a state of disgrace. If you want human statistics, I would say 85%. These souls slip to their perdition simply because they accepted moral standards contrary to God’s Commandments. They have chosen their eternity. Such serious choices cannot even be cleansed in purgatory.”

Therefore, you must realize the dire need for this Mission of Holy Love in the world today. Holy Love is the correction of the heart of the world. Holy Love calls souls to their repentance. We must pray often for souls on the brink of death who refuse to believe they have sinned by their ill-formed consciences and consequent moral choices. Pray that souls receive the desire at the moment of death to return to the Bosom of God.”


Now, this special message from the Blessed Virgin Mary is shocking—over 85% of all living people on earth are in a state of disgrace—spiritually, these people all look totally black and deformed by spiritual voids on their souls before God looking at them from Heaven.

This means that 85% of the world population right now would go to hell if all mankind died at this very moment on earth. There are over 7.5 billion people living on earth as of May 2017. This means that more than 6 billion people would go straight to hell at this very moment.

This is indeed truly shocking(!).

Meanwhile, as stated in a previous section, in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), Jesus said that the Light of God is still present in all souls—even great sinners, atheists, etc., while living on earth, otherwise, they would become insane from the experience of the darkness that would terrorize them. So, is this a contradiction? Over 85% of all living people look spiritually black to the Lord in Heaven—totally devoid of any Light of God—and yet, Jesus has stated they still have the Light of God in them… What is the correct explanation for this? Is there, on its face, an apparent contradiction between the heavenly messages…?

No, there is no contradiction. This is the definition of “spiritual blindness.” Over 85% of all living people on earth are existing in a state of complete delusion—they believe in a completely false reality from the Truth of God, but they are unaware of their spiritual condition of disgrace before God because they are still naturally alive. Their souls are totally black—devoid of any heavenly grace from the Light of God.

If one can recall my earlier section on hell, I addressed the trick question, Does God exist in hell? I said the simple answer is “no” as All-Love is absent in hell and God Is Love; and yet, it is by His Great Love that the Divine Will sustains all the devils and demons (damned souls) in hell. I also said that as a natural state of their being, both the devils and demons are experiencing the Divine Will as God’s Wrath—within themselves. God’s Wrath is experienced as a continual spiritual burning state of being, lit by the Divine Fire of God’s Holy Anger towards their sins.

Presently, 85% of the world population is spiritually dead to God. They are “spiritually blind” that they are presently subject to God’s Wrath—His Divine Justice in hell—solely because God blessed them with the gift of free-will at birth and He will not take away the gift to choose God or satan from them while they remain “naturally” alive. Thus, it is solely because they are physically living with their hearts still pumping and their lungs still breathing that they can remain “content” and “happy” living in their state of disgrace before God. But, 85% of the world population is on the broad pathway to hell.

Part Seven: The Satanic Will, the Sign of the Cross, and the Mark of the Beast

Let us look closer at the nature of black holes and the satanic will.

(And yes, I will eventually reach the subject of this commentary—the antichrist, etc. However, The Holy Spirit is guiding me to explain completely many Sacred Truths that have to be fully revealed now for the great struggle over souls between God and satan that will take place after The Great Warning—Illumination of Conscience. After all, it is the End Times and God desires that I explain everything as fully as I can so that people will properly choose life with God and not satan).

As explained, as an analogy, satan and his satanic will can be said to be at the center of every black hole in the universe; and all souls on earth are represented by the stars in Heaven. Every black hole is a huge gravitational void in outer space, in which the force of gravity (the satanic will in action) can be so great that it will distort the space around the black hole, often sucking neighboring matter such as other stars into the void. No light can escape from them.

The reason that I bring up black holes is so I can explain more fully the effects of taking the mark of beast, as spoken about in Holy Scripture (Book of Revelation). In Revelation, St. John the Apostle speaks about the “second beast” of the Apocalypse, which is the false prophet and how he will force all the inhabitants to receive the mark of the beast as commanded by the “first beast”—the antichrist. I will speak more fully about the two beasts of the Apocalypse later in this commentary. However, for now, I just want to address specifically, the mark of the beast. Firstly, here are the relevant verses from Sacred Scripture:

Book of Revelation

Chapter 13, Verses 14-18

…It deceived the inhabitants of the earth with the signs it was allowed to perform in the sight of the first beast, telling them to make an image for the beast who had been wounded by the sword and revived. It was then permitted to breathe life into the beast’s image, so that the beast’s image could speak and [could] have anyone who did not worship it put to death. It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name. Wisdom is needed here; one who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six.”


In the Catholic and Orthodox Church, Christians are known for marking themselves with the “Sign of the Cross”. This marking of the Sign of the Cross has always existed since the beginning of the early Christian Church. It was how early Christians would identify themselves as believers and followers of Jesus Christ and was always used by the priest in Holy Mass.

Now, I desire to give a brief lesson about what the Sign of the Cross is for those who may not know. It is important to know what the Sign of the Cross is and means, so one can more fully understand what the mark of the beast represents, because the mark of the beast is satan’s counterfeit version of the Sign of the Cross.

Firstly, there are two principle methods of making the Sign of the Cross, but they both mean the same thing—they are an outward physical representation of the Seal of the Sacrament of Baptism on a Christian’s soul. Every time a Christian marks himself with the Sign of the Cross on his body, he is renewing his baptismal promise to be a faithful child of God in the Family Surname of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

And so, the first principle method of making the Sign of the Cross typically involves the use of holy water that has been blessed by a priest. A person will usually make this Sign of the Cross when entering a holy place or Church. The positioning of the fingers is very important. Both the pointing finger and middle finger will touch together and be separated from the remaining three fingers (index, pinky, and thumb) which will touch together forming a circle.

The two fingers together (pointing and middle fingers) represent the Union of the Divinity and Sacred Humanity of Jesus Christ as the Man-God. The three fingers touching in the shape of a circle represent the Most Holy Trinity—Three Divine Persons As One God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And so, many early Christian martyrs would die as a final symbolic act of love for God with their fingers formed in their right hands in this way. A famous example of this positioning of the fingers can be seen in the statue created of the early Christian martyr, St. Cecilia, whose body was found incorruptible (not decomposed by nature) despite the great passage of time. St. Cecilia is one of the few female Saints whose name is invoked in the public prayer of the Litany of the Saints and in the Holy Mass.

And so, to make a proper Sign of the Cross, the two fingers representing Christ’s Divinity and Sacred Humanity are dipped into the holy water upon entering a holy Church and the Christian is supposed to pray privately to himself, (I renew my baptismal promises) “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” while touching his forehead for the Father, then his chest for the Son (the spiritual placement of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ), and then, his left and right shoulder for The Holy Spirit. This is the principle first method of the Sign of the Cross.

The second principle method for the Sign of the Cross takes place during the Holy Mass. Before the Gospel (which means, “Good News” of Jesus Christ) is read out-loud by the priest, all Christians attending Holy Mass make three symbolic gestures of the Sign of the Cross over themselves. The positioning of the fingers is the same as the first method. However, with the two fingers representing Christ’s Divinity and Sacred Humanity, the person makes a small cross on his forehead, then over his lips, and then over his chest. While he is doing this, he is supposed to pray privately to himself, “I will live the Gospel by my mind” (touching forehead) “my lips” (touching lips), and “my heart and soul” (touching chest). This second method is also a prayerful renewal of a Christian’s baptismal promises.

Meanwhile, the mark of the beast is the corrupted version of the Sign of the Cross invented by satan. It has been revealed in many heavenly messages today to holy persons such as Maria Divine Mercy (Book of Truth), Prophet John Leary (http://www.johnleary.com) and others, that the mark of the beast is a physically embedded microchip that is implanted in either the right hand or forehead of a person. It will control all aspects of the economy—money, access to food, housing, daily living, etc., and all people who take the mark will be controlled by the use of hypnotic voices emitting from cell towers and electronic devices such as computers, televisions, etc. It should be avoided at all costs at the risk of eternal damnation.

Now, many people have wondered through the ages what the number of the beast “666” means. Who is the person represented by “666”? Well, I will tell you who it is. The name of the person referred to by “666” is the angelic person, satan. There are three beasts in the Book of Revelation—the unholy trinity of the first beast (antichrist), second beast (false prophet), and the ultimate beast of them all (666)—satan. To understand that “666” is satan does take a little wisdom, but I will explain it now so it makes sense.

In ancient Israel, the Jews often repeated words in their language to describe the quality of something. This is different from the English language, which uses instead superlatives to express the highest or a very high degree of quality of something.

Huh? What did I just say? Let me show you by example.

In English, we say “good, better, best” to describe how different the degree of quality is of something. Or, we say “bad, badder, worse.”

The ancient Jews did not do this. Instead, they repeated adjectives to express the quality of something. A prime example of this can be heard in the Holy Mass.

In English, one can say, “holy, holier, holiest.” God Is known as the “Holy of Holies” in Sacred Scripture. So, in English, it would be proper to say that God Is the “Holiest.”

To the ancient Jews, they would instead repeat the word, “Holy” three times to express the English word of “Holiest.” So, that is why in Holy Mass, we pray “Holy, Holy, Holy” and we do not simply pray “Holiest” when referring to God. Christians inherited this manner of repeating words (adjectives) in speaking and praying from the ancient Jews.

Likewise, in English, it would be proper to say, “evil, eviler, evilest.” For the ancient Jews, they would simply repeat “evil” two or three times depending on whether they were saying “eviler” or evilest.” So, for an ancient Jew, “eviler” would be “evil, evil” and “evilest” would “evil, evil, evil.”

I hope this makes sense so far. And so, “666” symbolically refers to satan.

From reading Sacred Scripture, one knows that certain numbers have particular Biblical meanings. For example, “40” often represents “repentance” and often invokes the imagery of sin. For example, the Great Flood on the earth in the days of the Patriarch, Noah, lasted for 40 days and 40 nights. And Jesus spent 40 days of fasting and prayer in the desert being tempted by satan before He began His public ministry of preaching the Gospel to the Jews.

To the ancient Jews, “7” represents “perfection” and refers to God. We see this perfection of God in the 7 Days of Creation with God finishing and resting on the 7th day and blessing All of Creation. We are called to this same perfection of God by resting on the holiest of days, Sundays, by honoring the Lord’s Day with prayer and righteous deeds and attending Holy Mass. This is honoring the Third Commandment of the Ten Commandments given to the Patriarch, Moses, at Mount Sinai.

“666” represents “imperfection” and refers to satan striving to be like God (“7” which represents “perfection”) but falling drastically short. satan is not simply evil. he is evil, evil, evil. he is the ultimate evil. he is the evilest. satan is not just “6” (evil) but “666” (evilest) and mocks the Perfection of the Most Holy Trinity (the Thrice-Holy God—Three Divine Persons In One Lord).

And so, how does all of this relate to black holes and the satanic will?

In the universe, there are vast areas of empty outer space. And yet, the stars in Heaven are able to thrive and shine brilliantly in the great darkness of the universe. But, if a star in Heaven gets too close to a black hole, there comes a certain point—a threshold that if the star passes, it cannot escape the gravitational grip of the black hole. No amount of light can ever escape and the star becomes ultimately lost and can no longer be helped in any way.

If you have been prayerfully reading this commentary so far, I think you can readily see the analogy that I am making between black holes in outer space, the effects of sin, the satanic will and taking the mark of the beast (implanted microchip). All people have the gift of free-will. All people can freely choose to sin or not against God and His Commandments. All people can freely choose the darkness of satan or the Light of God. But, there comes a point when a person has committed too many mortal sins that he can become eternally lost even while living on earth. No amount of grace of God can help them at that point, because, by choice, their free-will has become so aligned to following the satanic will that satan has them firmly in his evil grip and he will never let them go.

Unfortunately, there are some people living on earth that have become so aligned with the satanic will that they are eternally lost even though they have not died physically yet. These people long ago passed their personal threshold for redemption by any form of grace from God. satan totally controls their heart and their soul.

That is sad for me to write down—that there are people existing on earth that so evil and so dangerous to others, that they can no longer be saved by God. I pray for all people every day. I want all people to choose salvation—to choose God and His Great Love. So, it is sad for me to know that there are some people that will never be saved—they lost their chance long ago.

And so, I pray that no one takes the mark of the beast—the implanted microchip in the right hand or forehead. Accepting the mark of the beast is one such ultimate threshold of eternal damnation even while still living on earth. It is important that it is avoided at all costs. It is the spiritual mark of declaring oneself to be a child of satan and pledging allegiance to the satanic will in the name of the unholy trinity—the antichrist, false prophet, and satan.

Before I conclude this section, I want to provide two excerpts about the mark of the beast. The first excerpt is from a longer message of God the Father through Holy Family Refuge (https://www.childrenoftherenewal.com/holyfamilyrefuge). It is a little technical, but it explains how the mark of the beast will work on the minds of those who take it. It is important to know.

October 19, 2014

…My children I your God am giving you all the graces needed to save your souls at this time and then many more if you ask me for them and then use them. I can only make graces open from Heaven for you but you have to make the effort to ask Me your God to forgive your sins and accept them just like if a friend gives you a present that you want badly. You need to ask and want graces badly to save your soul. The reason I am making every effort possible to every soul on the face of the earth is because the Warning and the chip that satan is going to try and put in your body so he can control you is very, very, very close. If you let them put the chip in your body with your own free will satan will then have total control of your mind. With the chip in your body it will be like a microphone that they can speak or put any noise in for you to hear to drive you crazy. Do not take the chip or the flu shot in your body because the chip controls your mind and soul and the flu shot weakens your immune system and puts mercury in your body at a seriously high rate that causes you to pick up all electrical noises and sickens your body and gives cancer and many other kinds of sickness. Science has proven that living next to main power plants and high voltage power lines causes cancer and many other sicknesses. Your body is made up of electrical pulses and high electrical contact causes electrical shorts in your body to stop it from functioning correctly. Most people will not understand this but it is important to know…”


And I am providing this second excerpt as I want to provide a glimmer of hope to people regarding the mark of the beast. In the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), in His Merciful Compassion, Jesus has stated that if a person is forced to take the mark of the beast, He will save the person if he is in a state of grace at the time of taking the mark of the beast. But, the key is that it is by force (against his free-will choice) and he must be in a state of grace (no mortal sins on his soul). Here is the excerpt from the longer message:

Friday, June 1st, 2012 @ 20:15

…Suddenly all will be asked to accept the one world Mark of Allegiance. A united world which all men will have to partake in.

It will control your money, your access to food and how you live.

Rules, many of them, will mean that you will become prisoners. The key to your cell, which keeps you under their control, will be the Mark of the Beast.

666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination.

Once embedded it will poison, not only your mind and soul, but your body. For it will cause a plague designed to wipe out much of the world’s population.

You must not accept the Mark. Instead I will instruct you what to do.

Many will accept the Mark because they will feel helpless.

The Seal of the Living God, My Crusade Prayer (33) is your lifeline.

When you receive My Seal of Protection, given to you by My Eternal Father, you will not have to accept the Mark.

You will not be touched. Your home will not be seen, searched or a target for it will be rendered invisible in the eyes of Satan’s army.

You will need to keep food hidden which will last a few years. You will need to grow your own crops, store your own water and keep all Holy objects around you.

My Remnant Church will grow and spread out and you will be given shelter if it is needed.

Much planning is needed now.

Those who laugh at what you do, or say, surely Jesus would not ask you to do this? Does He not supply all His followers at their time of need?

Even one loaf and one fish can be multiplied. So it does not matter if you only have some food for I will protect you and you will be safe.

Pray hard for those souls who will be unable to avoid the Mark.

Those innocent souls will be saved who are in a state of grace at the time of being forced to accept the chip.

The rest of you must plan to protect your family and your allegiance to the Holy Eucharist and the Mass.

When the antichrist devours all religions the only weapons which he will be powerless against is the Holy Mass and the Transubstantiation of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, in the Holy Eucharist.

My Masses must continue. Those of you who know this must gather in numbers now and start the preparations…”

(Download The Seal of The Living God for free through these two webpages—43 translations, prayer should be said daily for protection:

First Source: https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/the-seal-of-the-living-god/

Second Source: https://myconversionstory.org/the-seal-of-the-living-god-downloadable/)

Part Eight: Demonic Possession (2)

As I explained earlier, demonic possession is possession of the body by a devil or satan and not possession of the soul. This is because the soul is the living essence of a human person—it is essentially who a person truly is—and the only being who can truly “possess” a soul is God. This is because all human persons are created ultimately for union with God in Heaven. This is known as having “eternal life” as the result of the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in a person’s soul.

Neither satan nor any devil can truly possess any soul. This is simply not possible—God and satan would immediately repulse each other in a soul and the soul of the person would cease to exist. Instead, due to our fallen physical nature, satan and his devils have the ability to possess the physical bodies of human beings. Instead, what looks like demonic possession in any given soul by satan and his devils is actually the physical manifestation of the spiritual control of a person due to the satanic will. Depending on how aligned a person’s free-will is with the satanic will, this will determine the degree to and manifestations of physical possession by satan and his devils. The more a person has committed mortal sin, the harder it will be to free the person through deliverance prayer or exorcism by a priest. This is because the more mortal sins a person has committed, the deeper the spiritual grip that satan has over that person through the satanic will. (Remember the analogy to black holes for the satanic will and its relationship to sin).

Also, due to Original Sin, satan or a devil can physically possess an infant and that is why the traditional prayers used in the Sacrament of Baptism include a simple exorcism to remove possible devils before receiving the Sacrament. That is why it is important to baptize a child as soon as possible upon birth. Neither satan nor any devil employ a “hands-off policy” because a child is “too young” to be tempted to sin. Remember, as stated in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the gift of free-will is given by God at birth. Given the chance, satan will physically possess an infant to begin forming him to follow the satanic will. Although a child may not fully understand the culpability—the consequences and spiritual effect of committing a mortal sin until the age of reason (typically, seven years of age), that fact does not matter to satan.

satan does not follow any rules of proper order or etiquette. satan has no soft heart and does not care about children. satan will tempt from infancy to prepare a child to mortally sin against God at a later age. Baptism and proper spiritual formation by parents from the very beginning is essential for protecting children from satan and his desire for damnation of every person.

Do not be fooled.

Also, although this tends to be more extraordinary, it is possible to be in a state of grace before God and still experience demonic possession by satan. This is because demonic possession resides in the physical body and not the spiritual soul. This has happened oftentimes in the lives of the Saints and devout persons. I can personally testify to this fact. I have experienced many times demonic possession while I knew without a doubt that my soul was in a state of grace before God. I have spoken about my most vivid experience of demonic possession in my book, “Memoir of a soul in Holy Love,” that can be freely read online at my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove. (See: https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/writings-by-a-soul/free-ebook-memoir-of-a-soul-in-holy-love-writings-inspired-by-the-messages-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary-by-a-soul/) During the experience, I was battling satan for physical control of driving my car. At certain points, my body was either making “snake-like” movements or I was completely “frozen” while the car drove itself. My mind was fully active during the experience and I was totally in a state of grace as I had received the Sacrament of Confession hours earlier. It was only when I had to make a free-will choice to not harm another person that I regained possession of my physical body. satan was increasing the speed of the car on the freeway and I had to make a split-second decision not to hit the car that was slowing down in front of me. I swerved hard towards the center divider and my car flew in the air landing on the other side of the freeway on three wheels, etc.

(Needless to say, I chose to never drive again after that experience so satan would never try to do that to me again. I now rely on public transportation and the generosity of family and friends to get around).

As such, because it is possible to be in a state of grace before God while experiencing demonic possession by a devil, it thus becomes very important for a person to receive the Sacraments of Confession and The Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) if he is undergoing a series of exorcisms by a priest. Since properly receiving the Sacraments will greatly help in the deliverance of the person from the grip of the satanic will. It is an utmost necessity for hopeful success.

Finally, it is important for people to understand and accept this shocking truth—many, many people living on earth are possessed physically by devils to varying degrees and do not realize it. This grave situation exists, because the vast majority of people have aligned their free-will with the satanic will due to their choices to increasingly mortally sin—recall, over 85% of the world population is in state of disgrace before God. Once a person mortally sins, it becomes naturally easier to commit another mortal sin until evil habits are formed and the person is mortally sinning all the time without any spiritual reflection beforehand.

All of these people—over 85% of the world population and even more due to Original Sin, can be subject to demonic possession at any given minute because the devil does not discriminate—if demonic possession will further the satanic plan against God, the devil will do it. The vast majority of people do not know fundamentally what temptation is or how the devil works to tempt people to sin.

For example, the devil can mimic the human voice. It is very simple and very easy for any devil to imitate a person’s human voice. Also, as I stated earlier, the devil begins tempting from infancy. So, why are these facts important to know in real life? Well, at the moment of conception, all human beings are assigned a guardian angel by God to guide and protect them throughout life on earth. It is no different in the demonic world—satan assigns a devil to every human person at the moment of conception to harm and tempt him throughout life. So, every human person has at least one devil assigned to him that intimately knows their personal flaws and weaknesses, tendencies towards certain sins, and maintains a mental record of all committed sins against God—both confessed and unconfessed sins (devils have vastly superior intellects for recalling things in comparison to human beings).

And so, since infancy, an assigned devil has been speaking to you, mimicking your human voice in your mind, tempting you to sin against God. Yes, everyone, this is indeed the shocking Truth. People do not fundamentally understand this fact and so, they mistakenly think these words are private and their own thoughts. Trust me, I know this fact intimately as I suffer from schizophrenia. Once I discovered that most of the bad thoughts I was suffering from come from an external source (the devil), that fundamentally changed the playing field for me in maintaining my sanity. It resulted in a moment-by-moment battle for me to learn how to control my mind in my daily thought wars with satan. I have gotten better (more skilled) at this spiritual warfare through years of constant work, but trust me, once satan knows you are aware of him, he will simply change tactics on you and he will become more obvious and aggressive in his attacks. Simply put, his best work is accomplished when people are not aware that he exists. It is easier for him to hide.

Sadly, because the Catholic Church has been slow to fully grasp the heavenly truths that I have been sharing in this commentary, many priests do not understand the workings of the devil in daily life—even highly educated priests that deal with the devil everyday, such as exorcists.

And sadly, many, many people are suffering due to degrees of demonic possession and are not aware of it and are suffering from increasing incidents of mental illness with no spiritual relief in sight from the Catholic Church. However, I am hopeful in writing this special commentary, that this situation in the world will fundamentally change after The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience takes place.

I conclude now this section with both an excerpt and a heavenly message from Jesus in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) for further consideration on this topic of demonic possession:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Satan’s demons, when they enter souls, begin to manifest in the human body so that their acts become clearly visible to My followers, who cringe in horror at what they have to bear witness to. The human body, infested with satanic demons will behave grotesquely. Their physical movements will be distorted and will emulate satanic messages used by the evil one to seduce like-minded weak people. Weak souls, empty of love for God, will be drawn towards them and will eventually emulate them so that they, too, will honour Satan and all he stands for in the way they too behave…”

Demonic Possession and the sin of Hatred”

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, people do not understand that I relive My Crucifixion daily. The pain and suffering I endure is caused by the sins committed by people every second of the day. I endure moments of deep sorrow when I see those souls who offend Me greatly, through the sin of hatred.

Hatred is instilled in the hearts of many and comes about due to the infestation of Satan. Many people talk about demonic possession as if it is easy to identify. So many of My children are possessed by Satan. They do not have to be seen thrashing about for a demonic presence to be in place.

He, the enemy of mankind, uses his demons to attack My children. For those who are in darkness they become easy prey because they attract the evil presence.

Once possessed, children, it is very difficult to drag yourself away. These unfortunate children, will, through the cunning and manipulative infestation of the evil one, then infect other souls. And so it continues.

Evil is usually presented as being good. It will be hard to discern, except for this. The behaviour and deeds of an infested soul will never be humble in nature. They will never be generous of heart. They may seem generous, but there will always be a catch. This catch will always be about making demands on you, which do not sit comfortably.

Keep away from such souls. Pray for them. Do not allow them to suck you into sin. Be alert always to the deceiver, because he is everywhere in these times.

Always pray to keep such evil at bay. Prayer will weaken his grasp and his strength as well as protect you.

Think of Satan and his evil works as an infectious disease. Take every precaution to avoid coming into contact with those who carry the disease. Should you know that you have no choice, then arm yourself with Holy Water, the blessed crucifix and a Saint Benedictine medal. They will keep these demons at arm’s length.

These are the times, children, you must surround yourself and your home with objects, which are blessed. Many are embarrassed to be seen with such things, for fear they will be laughed at. These will offer you protection in your home and are a great comfort during prayer.

Remember the demon lives not just in Hell, but has now firmly established his reign on Earth. Prayer is the only thing that terrifies him and renders him impotent.

Prayer will sustain you, children, in the times ahead.”

Your loving Saviour


Part Nine: “In the Beginning…”

As I revealed earlier, the antichrist as spoken about in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) is a demon incarnate. However, before I can fully explain what a demon incarnate is and what a demon incarnate is capable of doing, I have to spend a little time talking about lesser creatures on earth, such as the animal kingdom, etc. I also have to totally debunk the theory of evolution which is completely false, yet widely accepted as truth by many people in the world and sadly, even widely taught in Christian schools and accepted by people of faith, etc.

To do this, I have to explain a little more deeply the Creation story, starting in the beginning with the Book of Genesis in Sacred Scripture. Not all aspects of Creation were revealed to me—I can only speak about the little that was revealed to me. However, I will build upon commonly known scientific facts by filling in the gaps of human wisdom and faith, so everyone will understand why the Creation story is credible and true. I do this all in service for the Greater Honor and Glory of God. So, let’s begin…

If one reads the Creation story in the Book of Genesis, it is revealed that God created the heavens, the universe and celestial bodies, all living creatures, and mankind in 6 Days, resting on the 7th Day from His work and blessing everything that He had done. Now, the primary reason that many people have a hard time believing in the Creation story is because everything supposedly happened in only 6 Days by God. Modern science has shown that the earth and the universe has existed for billions of years. Also, the geological records show through rock layer formations, etc., that the earth has gone through many phases of its existence, and there is much evidence in skeletal remains for different ages of prehistoric animals living on earth, such as the dinosaurs, etc.

How could all of Creation have only taken 6 Days by God? While there are “purists” who traditionally believe in a literal 6 Days, many Biblical scholars have debated this question among themselves for a longtime. Meanwhile, scientists and atheists laugh and mock them, and the everyday person is either confused by or indifferent to the debate—focusing instead on “more important” daily matters like materialistic gain in worldly things—for the most part, ignoring the plight of their spiritual soul before God (recall, over 85% of the world population is on the broad pathway to hell, etc.).

Well, I am going to end the debate now: the 6 Days of Creation by God are not literal six 24-hour days on earth. I hope that the purists who fully believe in a traditional 6 days do not attack me for being the messenger of this startling news, but for everybody else who wants to understand, I will now fully support this truthful interpretation of Holy Scripture.

Firstly, Sacred Scripture counsels that sometimes “a day to the Lord is like a thousand years.” St. Peter the Apostle made this statement in context of talking about Creation and how God first chastised the world by water (the Great Flood of Noah) and how at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, God will chastise the world’s inhabitants by fire, etc. It is actually an important passage in Holy Scripture that should be read in its entirely, especially, now, as we are living in the End Times. It is found in the 2nd Letter of Peter, Chapter 3. But, here, for now, understand that the Lord’s Patience is exceedingly great and so a day can be like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day to God.

Secondly, when the Patriarch, Moses, was writing down the Creation story from God at Mount Sinai, he was not writing it to be a scientific account, he was writing it down for the purpose of salvation for the ancient Jews. People today need to understand that the most important thing to God is always salvation of His children, not providing a fully detailed account of Creation in advance so science could “prove” it later thousands of years in the future. God deeply and passionately cares about saving all His children from hell, not revealing that dinosaurs pre-existed the Creation of mankind by thousands of years, etc.

Thirdly, when Moses was writing down the Creation story, he was writing for the ancient Jews and not a modern-day audience. Yes, the Creation of the universe and earth took place over billions of years, etc., but it is hard to explain that when the ancient Jews could only count to the thousands—they had no words for billion. Also, how does one explain what a dinosaur is when the word does not exist in one’s vocabulary? Or, the many other scientific ideas and concepts that have been discovered during the past hundred years? The people of the time of Moses would never understand.

Fourthly, the passage of 24-hour days on earth did not occur until the 4th Day of Creation of the sun and the moon. Prior to this, it is unknown what the length of days and evenings are to The Lord in relationship to the Creation of the earth and the universe. Also, again, Sacred Scripture counsels, “a day to the Lord is like a thousand years.”

Finally, found in private mystical revelation, God has revealed that the universe was patiently created in successive stages in an orderly manner over a number of years. This fact was revealed to Servant of God, Maria Valtorta, by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Poem of the Man-God (Number 87, January 25, 1945). Here is the passage:

« Nothing here. But in Heaven it is “everything” for you, Isaac, and that “everything” is waiting for you » says Jesus. And then speaking to everyone: « You must do so. I do so Myself. We must go on. Without getting tired. Tiredness is one of the roots of human pride. And so is haste. Why is man annoyed by defeats, why is he upset by delays? Because pride says: “Why say ‘‘no’ to me? So much delay for me? This is lack of respect for the apostle of God.” No, My friends. Look at the whole universe and think of Him Who made it. Meditate on the progress of man, and consider his origin. Think of this hour which is now being completed and count how many centuries have preceded it. The universe is the work of a calm creation. The Father did not do things in a disorderly way. But He made the universe in successive phases. Man is the work of patient progress, the present man, and he will more and more progress in knowledge and in power. And such knowledge and power will be holy or not holy, according to his will. But man did not become skilled all at once. The First Parents, expelled from the Garden, had to learn everything, slowly, progressively. They had to learn the most simple things: that a grain of corn is more tasty if ground into flour, then kneaded and then baked. And they had to learn how to grind it and bake it. They had to learn how to light a fire. How to make a garment by observing the fleece of animals. How to make a den by watching beasts. How to built a pallet, by watching nests. They learned how to cure themselves with herbs and water, by observing animals, that do so by instinct. They learned to travel across deserts and seas, studying the stars, breaking in horses, learning how to balance boats on water, by watching the shell of a nut floating on the water of a stream. And how many failures before success! But man succeeded. And he will go farther. But he will not be happier on account of his progress, because he will become more skilled in evil than in good. But he will make progress. Is Redemption not a patient work? It was decided centuries and centuries ago, it is happening now after being prepared for centuries. Everything is patience. Why be impatient, then? Could God not have made everything in a flash? Was it not possible for man, gifted with reason, created by the hands of God, to know everything in a flash? Could I not have come at the beginning of centuries? Everything was possible. But nothing must be violence. Nothing. Violence is always against order; and God, and what comes from God is order. Do not attempt to be superior to God. »

Part Ten: Do Animals Have Souls?

I am going to spend the next two sections discussing lesser creatures, specifically, animals. I need to do this first in order to explain what a demon incarnate is.

Firstly, I have explained in the prior section that God created the universe and earth in successive phases. This includes the animal kingdom living on earth. There have been many different animals that have walked and shared the air and seas on earth during different eras of earth’s existence. This was done with a design and a purpose by Our Creator-God. For example, the existence of fossil fuels, coal, etc., which is very necessary for the economy of mankind, is due to animals that once lived on earth.

Death has always existed on earth for lesser creatures, such as animals, fish, and plants, etc. God created days and seasons and life cycles with the natural death of lesser creatures in mind. This is why insects and bacteria exist. They are part of the natural cycle of life and death on earth of lesser creatures. As scientists have discovered, each ecosystem on earth is perfectly balanced by nature. This is in harmony with the order that God created earth to exist in. Our God Is One of Perfect Order and Perfect Harmony.

Why did God permit death to occur to lesser creatures on earth? There are two important reasons for the existence of death. The first reason was because death was necessary in order to create different resources, both known and unknown, for the existence of mankind. Our Heavenly Father lovingly and patiently prepared the earth and its bountiful fruits for many thousands of years so His beloved children would have all that they need to thrive on earth. The existence of lesser creatures, animals, is a gift for His beloved children.

And what is the second reason for death existing among lesser creatures? God permitted death to occur among lesser creatures for the testing of Adam and Eve. Let me explain.

After Adam was created, Our Heavenly Father gave Adam the task of naming all the animals on earth. God did this so Adam would fully understand how he was similar and yet different from animals on earth. God wanted Adam to understand that he was a material creature just like animals that could die on earth. God wanted Adam to understand the meaning of death so he would know why there is a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and why he was forbidden to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil. Otherwise, the testing of Adam and Eve in their love for God would be pointless. They needed to understand the finality of death and the ultimate cost of sacrificing themselves for love of God by obeying God’s Commandments.

Most people do not understand the nature of Adam’s sin. They think Original Sin was woman’s fault, because Eve ate first the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and then Eve offered the fruit to Adam. Most people completely miss Adam’s sin. Adam’s Original Sin was not eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. It did not matter if Adam ate the fruit at all. Adam’s great sin occurred at the exact moment Eve ate the fruit. Adam’s Original Sin was an Act of Omission. Jesus’s Sacrifice on The Cross was to correct Adam’s great sin against God. And sadly, because the Christian Church does not fundamentally understand Adam’s Original Sin, the clergy are repeating Adam’s sin through their own acts of omission.

Let me explain. Before Eve was created, God gave Adam Two Commandments: one, to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil; and two, to protect and keep the Garden. Adam’s Original Sin was that he failed to protect his wife from satan. Adam did not love God and his wife enough to sacrifice his life. Adam was afraid of dying at the hands of satan. When satan said to Eve that “no, you will not die if you eat from the Tree of Knowledge” it was a veiled threat to Adam. Eve thought that meant she would not die like the animals by eating the fruit. But, Adam understood those same words differently. satan was standing before Adam in his undisguised form as a serpent-dragon. God gave the Commandments directly to Adam—Eve had not been created yet, so she could only rely on what Adam had told her about it afterwards. Eve ended up being confused, because she did not know the exact words that God said to Adam. But, Adam knew and he was the representative head of the human family. He failed to love God and his wife more than himself. He failed to obey God’s Commandments. He feared death. He failed in Holy Love.

And so, Jesus’ Death on The Cross was to correct Adam’s Original Sin—fear of dying—that has been passed down through the generations of mankind as an ancestral curse that has kept all of us in bondage to satan. Jesus willingly died for God and His Bride, the Church, which Adam failed to do in the Garden of Eden.

Now, do animals have an eternal soul? Are there pets in Heaven? I know that these are important questions for many people. I have pets so I understand. Well, I have both good and bad news for people. First, the bad news.

Plants and animals do not possess spiritual souls that exist for all eternity—their lives end when they die on earth. That is why there is no ethical dilemma when eating animals/plants for food, using animals for clothing, or euthanizing animals in pain, because they are not created in the image and likeness of God. Animals are created to be servants of mankind.

However, the good news is that animals and plants do exist in Heaven. This has been revealed in heavenly messages to different chosen messengers, such as “Anne” through Direction for Our Times, Jesus Christ the Returning King (http://www.directionforourtimes.com). However, Our Heavenly Father gave us animals as a joy for His beloved children. God cares about pets and they are remembered in His Most Sacred Heart. However, if you thought that St. Francis of Assisi is running an animal farm in Heaven for all the pets, well… But, Our Heavenly Father loves His beloved children and I am certain that He will reunite any pet that His children cares about in Heaven. I cannot imagine this not being true. Also, there is no death in Heaven and so, if anyone was wondering, everybody is a vegetarian in Heaven.

Part Eleven: Angelic Powers

In this section, I will discussing the angelic gifts that were given to the angels at the dawn of Creation, as well as continuing the discussion of lesser creatures—animals, etc. When the angels were originally created in the blink of an eye in Heaven, they were all given superior spiritual gifts in order to be servants of God and to help the children of God on earth. lucifer (satan) was the most blessed of all the angels. he was the closest to God’s Throne in Heaven and was blessed with many spiritual gifts—some powers given uniquely to him due to his high stature before God.

Although angels cannot create something from nothingness like God, many angels were blessed with the spiritual powers of being able to manipulate and change existing physical matter, including living matter, into different forms. Many angels were also given healing powers over living matter and the ability to change into physical forms, like animals and human beings, as well as shape-shift. Many angels were also given powers over nature, such as the ability to calm storms and stormy seas, etc.

When lucifer fell from Heaven taking along with him one-third of the angels, all of them—the devils—retained their spiritual gifts from God. This is because being True to His Love, once God gives a gift to His beloved creature, He does not take it away, even though the abuse of the gift will wound His Most Sacred Heart. God took this risk of having a broken Heart when He decided to bring about Creation. And so, God created the Great Chasm of hell in the center of the earth, so the devils had a place to dwell and do their evil for eternity, totally separated from the good angels in Heaven and mankind on the face of the earth. Alas, the Fall of Adam and Eve allowed satan to extend his evil kingdom to the face of the earth and the created Cosmos, which has been the situation that mankind has existed in ever since.

And so, because satan and his devils retained all their spiritual gifts from God, they now use these powers to tempt and harm mankind. For example, as revealed at Holy Love Ministries, tornadoes and hurricanes are whirling death clouds created by devils using their corrupted spiritual powers. Also, the origin of disease and illness is hell. Before man-made viruses existed, the ancient origin of viruses is the corrupted spiritual powers of devils being able to manipulate living matter. Instead of healing, devils can cause physical disease in mankind. This is one of the reasons many rare and unusual diseases are being diagnosed among people. Devils are attacking people with debilitating weaknesses and illnesses as a consequence of sin.

Now, I want to speak for a moment about the theory of evolution. It is one of satan’s greatest lies and is a totally false theory. And unfortunately, because modern science ignores the reality of angels and devils, scientists will never be able to understand the story of Creation and the origin of life on earth.

Just as mankind was given the gift of being co-creators with God in the bringing forth of children, God gave the angels the gift of being able to create lesser life forms from existing matter, such as animals, fish, birds, insects, etc. In preparing the earth and the universe for the coming of mankind, the angels were active participants in the process—helping God as He directed their tasks using their angelic powers.

Sadly, while the holy angels were actively preparing everything above the earth for the advent of mankind, satan and his devils were actively preparing their city of hell with tortures for the human race. Part of this preparation includes creating soulless monsters to to torture mankind. This is why in a description of hell, St. Anne Catherine Emmerich relates seeing, “…fetid swamps filled with every imaginable species of poisonous and disgusting reptile..” and St. Teresa of Avila writes, “…the ground seemed to be saturated with water, mere mud, exceedingly foul, sending forth pestilential odors, and covered with loathsome vermin…” Also, in the Book of Revelation, Chapter Nine, St. John writes of the Fifth Trumpet being locusts with a frightful description of their appearance. All that I can say is that satan and his devils have been busy in hell…

Finally, I need to touch upon the scientific evidence of higher intelligence displayed in animals, etc. For example, chimpanzees and gorillas being able to do sign language; or dolphins exhibiting advanced language skills, etc. I am sorry to say this, but all of this scientific evidence to prove the theory of evolution is utter garbage. All of this data is being manipulated by devils possessing these animals in these studies. Animals run on instincts, and while certain animals can display aspects of intelligence, they are totally unlike mankind who is blessed with the gifts of willing and knowing in the image and likeness of God. None of this scientific evidence is credible—it is all being manipulated by satan.

And yes, devils can possess animals, as the Gospel stories have shown. I know this for a fact, because I have been in the presence of animals that have been possessed by satan. satan has possessed my family dogs and cats to attack and threaten me a few times. I am able to discern the presence of devils due to the glimmer I have seen in their eyes. My dogs and cats have brown and blue eyes. However, when possessed, their eyes become totally black with a penetrating evil stare. I have seen this same evil glimmer in pictures of the eyes of cloned animals, like Dolly the sheep. Science is treading on the wrong path.

Part Twelve: Genesis: Chapter Six – The Nephilim

In Chapter Six of the Book of Genesis, there are a few curious written passages:

1 When human beings began to grow numerous on the earth and daughters were born to them,

2 the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of human beings were, and so they took for their wives whomever they pleased.

3 Then the LORD said: My spirit shall not remain in human beings forever, because they are only flesh. Their days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years.

4 The Nephilim appeared on earth in those days, as well as later, after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of human beings, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

5 When the LORD saw how great the wickedness of human beings was on earth, and how every desire that their heart conceived was always nothing but evil,

6 the LORD regretted making human beings on the earth, and his heart was grieved.

7 So the LORD said: I will wipe out from the earth the human beings I have created, and not only the human beings, but also the animals and the crawling things and the birds of the air, for I regret that I made them.

8 But Noah found favor with the LORD.


In these few curious passages that I shared from Holy Scripture, it speaks about beings called the Nephilim, having resulted from the union between human females and the sons of God. The Nephilim existed prior to the Great Flood of Noah when mankind was numerous on the earth. And biblical scholars have debated throughout the ages who the Nephilim are, as well as the sons of God. Are they Giants? Neanderthals? Aliens? Divine Persons?

In the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), God the Father revealed in a message something very important. God the Father said to not be afraid of the antichrist, because He created the soul of the antichrist and there are limits as to what he can do, because God Is in control. And when I read those words of Our Heavenly Father, it really made me ponder quite heavily. In the Book of Truth, Jesus has counseled not to pray for the antichrist because he is beyond redemption. And yet, God the Father revealed that the antichrist has a soul. So, finding out these truths really made me think hard. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, died on The Cross to save all living souls. And yet, I thought to myself, are there souls that are beyond redemption? What exactly is the antichrist?

I thought about these questions for quite a longtime. Then, God gave me special graces of wisdom this past January that finally answered these questions, which I never would have figured out on my own. Now, I share this bit of wisdom with you all.

Angels cannot procreate. They were created in a blink of eye by God in heaven and every angel is a “species” unto themselves—totally unrelated to each other. Every angel is uniquely created and every angel is gender-less. Angels were not made for procreation like mankind who is the beloved family of God.

However, as I wrote in the previous section, the angels were given many supernatural gifts by God. These gifts included powers over material Creation, including powers over living matter. I also wrote that the fallen angels retained all their supernatural gifts from God even though they now used them in a corrupt and evil manner towards mankind.

I will now explain what the Nephilim are. The “sons of God” that Moses mentioned in the Book of Genesis are fallen angels (devils). When a devil join his powers over material Creation and living matter to the procreative abilities of a human female, it forces God the Father to create a soul in the image and likeness of satan—a demon incarnate, otherwise known as “Nephilim” in ancient times. This is made possible because God the Father does not take back the gifts He blesses His creatures with even though the results from the gifts might give Him extreme sorrow. And so, a demon incarnate is a creature totally dedicated to evil, in the image and likeness of his father, satan, that receives a soul and a physical body due to having a human mother. Demon incarnates can only be created on earth by a living human female as procreation does not take place in hell (God Is absent in hell).

Let me explain what I mean by a soul made in the image and likeness of satan. In previous sections, I have explained about how lost souls (demons) exist in hell. They are totally subject to God’s Wrath (God’s Holy Anger lit towards their sins). The Divine Will that sustains the existence of these lost souls in hell is felt as a constant burning in their natural state of being. That is because the Divine Will Is a Divine Fire of Love in Heaven and felt as a Divine Fire of Wrath in hell. I also explained in a prior section that lost souls can exist on earth, subject to God’s Wrath, but totally ignorant of the fact due to “spiritual blindness” caused by their free-will choices.

And so, a demon incarnate is an evil soul created in the image and likeness of its father, satan. He is like a “lost soul” (demon) in hell—created by God the Father and existing due to the Divine Will but totally subject to God’s Wrath. A demon incarnate is totally aligned to the satanic will and beyond any redemption (recall, the earlier discussion about taking the mark of the beast to black holes in outer space).

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, died to save all living souls—mankind—the children of God the Father.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, did not die to save the souls of demon incarnates—the spawn of satan.

The Nephilim—demon incarnates—existed from the very beginning of mankind. This is one of the primary reasons why God the Father separated the children of Seth and the children of Cain prior to the Great Flood. God wanted to maintain a pure bloodline untainted by evil and the ancient occult arts. The ancient world was vastly different from our world prior to the Great Flood. There are many demon incarnate souls in hell from the ancient times. Our Heavenly Father patiently endured this increasingly evil situation until Noah and his family were the last faithful children of God on earth. Then, the Great Flood happened and God started again, protecting His children (Israel) from being infested by the evil of satan. Finally, the existence of demon incarnates on earth ended when Our Lord, Jesus Christ, instituted the Holy Mass at the Last Supper. Until now…

Part Thirteen: The Origin of the Antichrist

This section that I will be writing will be the most difficult and the most challenging for clergy and people to accept. It will be even hard for the holiest of priests and most devout of the faithful to accept. This is because once I reveal how the antichrist came into being, it will demand immediate change of attitude and behaviors. Priests will be caught in a ethical quandary, unsure of their obedience to God or man. And many people will be unwilling to change, instead, they will want to object to what I say, by arguing that what they do is producing “good fruits” for the Church. But, I will not “mince” words. I have to speak the Truth.

The Holy Eucharist is the Sole Reason why the antichrist has not entered the Catholic Church for the past two thousand years. Infinite in Holiness, Infinite in Grace, the Real Living Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in The Holy Eucharist, has stopped satan from creating a demon incarnate until now. The fall of the clergy is the primary reason satan has been successful in bringing the antichrist into being. It is quite sorrowful and quite tragic to God, Our Lady, and Heaven.

God’s Divine Justice Is Perfect. A priest is held accountable for every single abuse and neglect of The Holy Eucharist by people in his care. A priest is held accountable for every single sacrilege committed against The Holy Eucharist at every Holy Mass that he presides at. A priest is held accountable for every unlawful delegation of his priestly powers to every lay minister in his care. Lay ministers are unlawful in the Holy Eyes of God. A priest is held accountable for every Holy Communion received in the hand. Holy Communion in the hand is not acceptable to The Lord. A priest is held accountable for every Holy Mass said unworthily by him before The Lord. A priest is held accountable for every Holy Mass that he failed to say as his daily obligation to The Lord.

All of these abuses and sacrileges repeated around the world by priests and the faithful amassed enough demonic power to counter the Infinite Effects and Divine Protections of The Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church, to permit satan to create one demon incarnate on earth—the antichrist. And the ever-increasing level of mortal sins in the world is amassing enormous amounts of demonic power for satan to give to the antichrist for his reign during the Great Tribulation.

Let me repeat the words of Our Lady that I shared in the Introduction of this commentary:

Holy Love Ministries

August 5, 2015

Every day there are priests, bishops and or cardinals that slip to their perdition. Most lose their souls for what they did not do! They did not provide sound spiritual leadership to their flock. Oh yes, these are few – not many – popes in the netherworld as well, and for much the same reason. This Message will be frowned upon by Church leaders. But why? They, of all people, need to be perfected in personal holiness in order to lead others in this regard. I would not be a loving Mother if I allowed religious leaders to think that their vocation saved their soul. It is their response to their vocation which saves or condemns them. No one should believe himself to be above condemnation!”


Recently, on June 12, 2017, at Holy Love Ministries, God the Father said that the state of mortal sin is worse today than it was in the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. How can this be? The ancient world never had the existence of The Holy Eucharist. The abuse and neglect of The Holy Eucharist is what changes the situation today. This generation of mankind has been given far more than any other generation that has walked the face of the earth. We have been given more graces, especially, in The Holy Eucharist. Thus, we are held to a higher degree of accountability before God and His Perfect Justice.

During the past two thousand years, satan has attempted to bring forth a demon incarnate, but he was unsuccessful due to the holiness of the clergy and prayers of the past great Saints. For example, Sister Magdalena of the Cross (1487-1560) was a false mystic nun who became pregnant by a devil, but was unsuccessful in this due to the exceptional holiness of her contemporaries—St. Ignatius Loyola, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Avila during the Ages of Faith (See: http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2011/12/sister-magdalena-of-cross-nun-who-made.html).

Sadly, this is no longer the case…

Part Fourteen: Revelation: Chapter 13 – The Two Beasts

In the next two sections, I am going to discern a few passages of Holy Scripture, specifically, in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse). Firstly, a few passages of Chapter 13:

The First Beast.

1 Then I saw a beast come out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads; on its horns were ten diadems, and on its heads blasphemous name[s].

2 The beast I saw was like a leopard, but it had feet like a bear’s, and its mouth was like the mouth of a lion. To it the dragon gave its own power and throne, along with great authority.

3 I saw that one of its heads seemed to have been mortally wounded, but this mortal wound was healed. Fascinated, the whole world followed after the beast.

4 They worshiped the dragon because it gave its authority to the beast; they also worshiped the beast and said, “Who can compare with the beast or who can fight against it?”


The Second Beast.

11 Then I saw another beast come up out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb’s but spoke like a dragon.

12 It wielded all the authority of the first beast in its sight and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound had been healed.

13 It performed great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of everyone.

14 It deceived the inhabitants of the earth with the signs it was allowed to perform in the sight of the first beast, telling them to make an image for the beast who had been wounded by the sword and revived.


If one is familiar with the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the first beast is the antichrist, the second beast is the false prophet (antipope of the Catholic Church), and the dragon (“666”) is satan. The antichrist, false prophet, and satan form the unholy trinity.

There are two things that I want to discern for you all from these verses of Chapter 13. The first is the mortal wound” “by the sword that had been healed. It is mentioned three separate times in this chapter, so it is important to know.

The first beast as mentioned is the antichrist and he is a demon incarnate. The “sword” is The Holy Eucharist, which prevented satan from creating a demon incarnate on earth for almost two thousand years. It was a “mortal wound” to satan’s plans, but this mortal wound became “healed” due to the fall of the clergy and its mortal sins against The Holy Eucharist (as I explained in the prior section).

The second thing that I want to discern for you all are these words:

To it the dragon gave its own power and throne, along with great authority” and

They worshiped the dragon because it gave its authority to the beast; they also worshiped the beast and said, “Who can compare with the beast or who can fight against it?”

It is important to understand that a demon incarnate is a creature who is not blessed by God. A demon incarnate has no supernatural gifts or powers like the angels or devils. A demon incarnate has no lost gifts of mankind like those that were given to Adam and Eve, and like Jesus displayed after the Resurrection. A demon incarnate is simply an evil soul in a human body that is totally aligned with the satanic will. And so, any special gifts or supernatural powers that a demon incarnate possesses must be given to him by a devil or satan.

How does a demon incarnate gain powers from a devil or satan? It is through practice of the occult arts. As I mentioned earlier, the ancient world prior to the Great Flood was vastly different from our world today. Mankind was numerous on the earth along with the presence of the Nephilim—the demon incarnates of ancient times. The evil occult arts were widely practiced so demon incarnates would possess powers of devils and the children of Cain could dominate over the children of God until, finally, only Noah and his small family was left faithful to God.

Then later, God divided mankind by language and culture, so He would not have a repeat situation of what happened before the Great Flood. In truth, it is solely due to The Holy Eucharist that the children of God have been able to grow in numbers and thrive on earth. Without the Protecting Presence of The Holy Eucharist, satan would have kept seeking to dominate the children of God by creating demon incarnates and amassing demonic powers through the occult arts.

As Our Lord, Jesus Christ, states in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the antichrist that is currently walking on the face of the earth is the greatest enemy of God that has ever existed and the greatest threat to survival of all of God’s children. By all the powers that satan is attempting to amass in the Catholic Church, the antichrist will be able to manifest all the greatest powers of satan on earth. But, this is only possible once The Holy Eucharist is no longer present and all the people of the earth will worship the beast in one unified religion in the black mass. This will only be made possible by the false prophet welcoming the antichrist to reign in the Catholic Church.

And so, that is what is meant by the dragon giving all its authority to the antichrist. satan intends to grant all his satanic powers to the antichrist so he can lead all of God’s children into eternal damnation. This will be made possible through worldwide worship in the black mass. Also, the words, Who can compare with the beast or who can fight against it? is a deliberate mocking by satan of St. Michael the Archangel, whose name means, “Who is like God?”, which were the words St. Michael shouted when satan challenged God. Those words began the great struggle in Heaven between the angels and devils. The devils were then cast down to hell on earth.

Part Fifteen: Revelation: Chapter 17 – The Beast and the Harlot

In this section, I will discern several passages of Chapter 17 in the Book of Revelation. Chapter 17 begins first with a vivid description by St. John the Apostle of Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth. Then, in verses 7-18, the Angel of the Lord explains the meaning of the beast and the harlot to St. John. However, when the Angel explains the meaning to St. John, it is given in symbolic language that continues the mystery for most people. So, I will further discern verses 7-18 to unlock these mysteries for modern day readers as it has been revealed to me by The Holy Spirit. Let’s begin.

Verses 7-8

7 The angel said to me, “Why are you amazed? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, the beast with the seven heads and the ten horns.

8 The beast that you saw existed once but now exists no longer. It will come up from the abyss and is headed for destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world shall be amazed when they see the beast, because it existed once but exists no longer, and yet it will come again.


If one has been following along with this commentary, verse 8 should be easy to discern now. The beast mentioned here is the antichrist who is a demon incarnate. Demon incarnates once existed such as the era before the Great Flood of Noah as the Nephilim, but they no longer exist due to the Real Living Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in The Holy Eucharist; and yet, the existence of demon incarnates will return in the End Times in the person of the antichrist.

Verses 9-11, Verse 18

9 Here is a clue for one who has wisdom. The seven heads represent seven hills upon which the woman sits. They also represent seven kings:

10 five have already fallen, one still lives, and the last has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a short while.

11 The beast that existed once but exists no longer is an eighth king, but really belongs to the seven and is headed for destruction…


18 “…The woman whom you saw represents the great city that has sovereignty over the kings of the earth.”


In verse 9 and verse 18, St. John the Apostle speaks about seven hills that the woman (the harlot) sits upon and also, that the woman represents the great city that has sovereignty over the world. As explained in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the great city is Rome, which becomes the seat of the antichrist as Babylon is the union between the European Union with the Catholic Church creating a one world government and one world religion.

Also, in verse 9, it speaks of the seven heads of the beast as seven kings living in the place of seven hills; and biblical scholars have long-concluded that this is a reference to the Roman emperors of history—although there is little agreement of which emperors are being referred to here.

Well, I am going to reveal who the seven kings are. The seven kings are not Roman emperors, they are Popes of the Catholic Church. The five fallen kings are the five popes that were given time by Our Lord to do the worldwide Consecration of the nation of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady, but failed to do so during their papacies.

In 1917, Our Lady told the Fatima visionary, Lucy, that She would return later to request the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady did return to Lucy in separate visions during the 1920s to ask that the Pope and the Bishops complete the Consecration of Russia. However, this Consecration failed to happen according to the wishes of Our Lady; and continued to fail to happen under the subsequent kings (popes). The five fallen popes are:

Pope Pius XI (1922-1939)

Pope Pius XII (1939-1958)

Pope John XXIII (1958-1963)

Pope Paul VI (1963-1978)

(Pope John Paul I is not included on this list as he only lived 33 days as pope)

Pope John Paul II (1978-2005)

And so, in verse 10, the pope that is referred to as the one still lives is Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013); while the last has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a short while is Pope Francis (2013 to current), who has been identified as the false prophet (antipope) by Our Lord in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy).

In verse 11, the beast that existed once but exists no longer is another reference to the antichrist who is a demon incarnate. The antichrist is an eighth king because he will reign like a pope, claiming to be the Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh, but really belongs to the seven—belongs to the seventh king, which is the false prophet, and is headed for destruction (hell).

Finally, in verses 12-17, St. John the Apostle writes of the ten horns—the ten kings who will rule over the world like emperors with the authority of the beast (antichrist). The Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) has more information about the ten kings, but, of note, the ten kings along with the false prophet and the antichrist are an affront to the Twelve Apostles of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Part Sixteen: The Antichrist and the False Prophet

In the previous section, I mentioned the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and the several popes that have failed to accomplish it according to the desires of Our Lady of Fatima. Why is the Consecration of Russia so important?

At Fatima, Portugal, Our Lady promised that the Consecration of Russia would usher in an era of peace and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. But, if it failed to happen, it would lead to Russia spreading its errors to the world, the pope would have much sufferings, and an annihilation of the nations would happen. The annihilation of nations has come to be understood as a widespread nuclear war.

The most obvious error of Russia is the export of atheistic communism. However, another grave error of Russia exported to the nations were the modern-day techniques developed by the communists for abortion. And of course, today, Russia is a power keg with its great number of nuclear weapons and evil military alliances.

In the Book of Truth, Our Lord has revealed to Maria Divine Mercy that due to a widespread nuclear war, the antichrist will emerge as a great military hero and a “man of peace,” negotiating a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. Then, the antichrist will negotiate peace treaties with lightening speed among all the nations of the world war, which will endear him very much with all peoples of the world who will be desperate for a return to normalcy and peace.

In a recent heavenly message to Prophet John Leary, St. John the Baptist said, “I was told that when I saw the Spirit of God in the Holy Spirit come down upon the Holy One of God, I would baptize the Messiah. And this truly happened when the Heavens opened up at the Baptism of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and a dove descended upon Him. St. John the Baptist then called Him the “Lamb of God” and his disciples began to walk with the Lord.

Well, in the Book of Truth, Our Lord has revealed to Maria Divine Mercy that the false prophet (Pope Francis) is the “ape” (antithesis) of St. John the Baptist. He is the precursor for the antichrist. I summarized these prophecies about the false prophet from the Book of Truth:

* The enemies of God will ‘recreate’ the events of the First Coming of Jesus Christ by giving the impression that John the Baptist has been sent.

* An event will take place where the false prophet will be seen to be at death’s door, but then, like a miracle has taken place, he will seem to rise from the dead.

* The false prophet will say that he is the Lord’s prophet with a duty to prepare the people for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

* The false prophet will lie by telling the people that Jesus Christ will appear on earth in body and soul, walking the earth in human flesh.

* The antichrist will begin to truly exert his influence over humanity when he is openly welcomed and endorsed by the false prophet as Jesus Christ.

(See: Prophecy – The False Prophet Will Be The Ape Of Saint John The Baptist, https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/the-great-tribulation/prophecy-the-false-prophet-will-be-the-ape-of-saint-john-the-baptist/)

I believe that if Pope Francis does not convert and return back to the Lord after the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) takes place, that God will permit satan to bring Pope Francis to the point of death. Then, satan will appear to him as an angel of light telling him that he has a mission to prepare for the Second Coming. satan will then tell him that Jesus Christ is present in the flesh on earth and that the man who brings peace to the nations from the nuclear war will be Jesus Christ. However, in reality, it will be the antichrist. This will be similar to how St. John the Baptist was called by the Lord and told how to recognize the Messiah. satan will then lie by telling Pope Francis that God forgave all sins of mankind through the Great Warning and that hell will be the fate of people who do not accept the antichrist. All these lies will be backwards to the Truth. Then, satan will heal Pope Francis by demonic means and afterwards, Pope Francis will begin to manifest miraculous powers all given to him by satan. Both the antichrist and false prophet will be able to cure illness and infirmities by the power of satan. However, these healings will not be true healings as they will always leave a spiritual mark by the devil, being incomplete and defective in some way. However, many people will be fooled by them, which is tragic to think about.

The nuclear war must never happen. Besides saving millions of people from annihilation and terrible suffering, the outcome of the nuclear war is the evil reign of the antichrist. It is only through negotiating peace among the war-torn nations that he will gain enough popularity to be recognized as a prominent worldwide leader. It is only through negotiating peace among the war-torn nations that the false prophet will recognize him as Jesus Christ and welcome him to reign in the Catholic Church. Then the antichrist will be able to manifest the greatest powers of satan bringing damnation to many people in the world who will worship him as god. The antichrist will be ruthless—killing and torturing many children of God and many people will have to hide at refuges worldwide.

As revealed to Prophet John Leary, the antichrist is of Islam (Moselm). In the Book of Truth, Our Lord has revealed to Maria Divine Mercy that the antichrist will claim to be a “devout Christian” and will be an expert at Holy Scripture. In truth, the antichrist will be the Jesus of the Koran—the “man of peace” (false messiah) who will “break all crosses” as mentioned in Islamic End Times prophecy. Because he is Moslem, the antichrist will be able to negotiate a treaty between Israel and the Arab countries, while at the same time, he will be trusted by Christians because he will be so knowledgeable about Holy Scripture. The antichrist will also appeal to those desiring to create a one-world religion, because he will seemingly fit all the New Age teachings about ascended masters and occult prophecies.

And so, the nuclear war must never happen, because it will play right into satan’s endgame for the End Times. The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady is the only solution that will prevent the nuclear war from happening. Our Lord and Our Lady have said in different messages in Locutions To The World that human solutions to the world’s woes have been long-passed ago and are no longer an option. The only way to stop hell’s march towards WWIII on mankind is by invoking Heaven’s help. The solution provided by God is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady by the Catholic Church. However, peace through Our Lady, must be a free-will choice of mankind. hell does not honor free-will—hell comes whenever it wants, but Heaven must be invited to act. Thus, the Consecration of Russia must take place for Real Peace to be granted to the world by God.

Part Seventeen: The Battle of Armageddon

Now, I want to take a moment and ask that people use their “best discernment of spirits” when reading this final section. Aspects of the Battle of Armageddon were revealed to me, but in all truthfulness, although it sounds plausible based on what I know about the current state of the world and the powers of satan, at the same time, it also sounds too incredible to believe. Really, it is that bizarre. Also, I was undergoing much spiritual warfare at the same time these truths were revealed. But, I will still write what was shared with me and I will leave it up to each person to decide for themselves if it is trustworthy.

Okay, get ready for real science fiction, folks…

After the resurrection of the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem that will be seen by all peoples of the world, to regain control over the populace, the antichrist will announce that he will “raise up” mankind on the last day. A day will selected by the antichrist and this day will take place at a time when the antichrist is at the height of his demonic influence and satanic powers over the entire world. The antichrist will have amassed so much satanic power through the occult arts and worship in the black mass, that satan and his devils will use all their corrupted evil powers to do this incredible feat.

The Great Battle between God and satan will take place on the plains of Armageddon. All the holy angels and devils will be present along with mankind. Because of the many chastisements, natural disasters, and physical changes (the sun and stars dimming, etc.) during the Great Tribulation, the antichrist will convince people that the earth is dying (global warming) and that there is another planet for mankind to dwell. The Battle of Armageddon will involve an alien invasion in which devils will appear as extraterrestrials (aliens), ascended masters of New Age, mythological beings, and other creatures conceived by satan to confuse mankind throughout the ages (think, video games and pantheism, etc.) Mankind will be “raised up” by a starship, which will head straight into the bowels of hell.

And so, that is the prophecy that was revealed to me about the Battle of Armageddon. Of course, it has to be remembered that whenever God reveals prophecy, it will inherently change the prophecies, especially, as satan will have time to change his tactics. he is the master at the art of misdirection and deception. So, I offer this prophecy to you all with those caveats in mind.


My intention whenever I compose a commentary or writing, is that it will be ultimately helpful to people. That is my singular hope for this commentary—that people are blessed by God upon reading my words. I never claim perfect discernment, but I have tried my best to as accurately record what has been revealed to me and, if I have made any mistakes, I trust in God that He will correct my errors at the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). I also hope that people will give me the benefit of the doubt, as I am not a perfect person with perfect clarity and wisdom of the Divine Plan. I have simply tried my best.

I want people to know that I will be writing a “Part Two” to add more insights to this commentary. I thought that it is better for me to write two commentaries instead of one, because this commentary about the antichrist was getting very lengthy and I wanted people to have this information to consider instead of waiting further to finish the entire writing. So, there will be a “Part Two” about Divine Justice and the Great Chastisement. Part Two will build upon ideas conveyed in Part One, including some information on advanced spiritual warfare that I have learned through personal experience. I do not expect Part Two to be as lengthy as Part One, so hopefully, I will be able to write it at a good pace so people can consider my words soon.

I want you all to know how much I have been blessed by intercessory prayer from my blog followers of MaryRefugeOfHolyLove. Truly, I know that many people are praying for me and the success of the blog. This commentary about the antichrist would not have been possible without intercessory prayer. Your prayers have kept satan at bay and have given me much peace and clarity of thought to be able to write. I am grateful for your prayers and I continue to ask for them, as I have Part Two to write, as well as at least one more commentary to write for Our Lady. Of course, I will write as many commentaries that God and Our Lady desire of me, but I hope to collect them all together when finished into a single book so it will make it easier for people to download and print their own copies. And, of course, I will make the ebook free on the blog for everyone (as I have done with my other ebooks). Again, thank you for your heartfelt prayers and considering this work.

God bless! I love you all.

a soul



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